Walllpaper Removal and Paint

Updated on January 05, 2009
J.L. asks from Durham, NC
4 answers

Does anyone know of any good companies or handy men who do wall paper removal and painting in the Durham area? I am looking for someone with out outragious prices. Thanks!

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answers from Charlotte on

I, too, do this myself. I use hot water and liquid fabric softener to remove the wallpaper, let the wall dry for a day, and then paint it. However, I only remove the wallpaper if it's starting to come up, otherwise, I just paint over it with 2-3 coats.

I would go down to your local paint store and ask bout contractors, since most of the time the people at the local stores know them and may be able to recommend them. Good luck.



answers from Louisville on

i dont know anyone who will do it but i just did this its super easy get a steamer like clothes steamer and just hold it on then scrape it off. good luck



answers from Memphis on

We had some painting done by a guy named Mike Sabourin from Sabourin painting ... he is based in Rolesville, but I am sure he would consider doing a job in Durham. He did an excellent job with the painting and I know he did the wallpaper removal too...most times we removed the wallpaper ourselves (with either downy or windex in a spray bottle and then peel it off). However if your wallpaper is in good shape (no loose parts or missing pieces, etc. he can paint over it for you ... he did that in our kitchen where it was stuck right to the dry wall and we couldn't get it off without damaging the drywall alot). Hope that helps!



answers from Wilmington on

I do all that stuff myself. It isn't hard just time consuming. I use a product called Dif to remove the wallpaper and it is great! I have tried all sorts of products, including a steamer and near took the wall off! I am not in your area, but am certain in this economy you can find some out of work painters that would give you a reasonable price. I would get at least 3 bids and see how they compare. Low is not always the best, but it would give you a chance to see different people. Sometimes there are women that do this and I would recommend a woman over a man contractor!
Good luck!

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