Wall Clock That'll Light up Bedtime, Wake-up Time, Dinner Time Etc.

Updated on September 03, 2009
E.B. asks from Arlington, TX
7 answers

I'd like a wall clock that could light up the different "times" so that my three year old won't argue with me when it's bedtime :)

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So What Happened?

I have taught my daughter how to express herself and the fact that she can have a conversation with me about anything and everything is what I love about her, don't get me wrong there are times when I want her to just do something because "I said so" but then isn't that a little childish? I ended up buying My Tot Clock which lights up at corresponding times throughout the day and she loves it. Thanks for all the advice, it's fun to hear from other moms going through similar circumstances, and good luck to all of you!

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I am about to buy an alarm clock that is called Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock. If you type that in google, you will get multiple sites that sell it. Amazon.com has free shipping on it. It does lot so of things. It has games that teach a kid how to tell time. It also color rings to change out the colors of the clock. It has a night light in it too. The main reason I am buying it is that when it is time to get up in the morning, it's light will change from orange to green. That way if they wake up before it is time to get up, if the clock is not green, they stay in bed. When it is green, they can get up. Mine will love this and I will too! Good luck.



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You have a bigger problem than needing a clock. If your three year old argues with you, that is your problem. He needs to understand that you are the boss and if you say its bedtime, then its bedtime. Tell him when his bedtime is and he will have to go to bed then and it's not up to him.

He needs to understand you are boss now... or you could have some really big problems later.



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Wow! If your three year old doesn't believe you when its bedtime, do you think he/she will believe a clock?


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I don't know about that, but here's another idea. You can set a timer. Tell him (and show him) that he has xx amount of minutes until bedtime (or whatever other activity you choose also). Keep an eye on the timer and remind him when there's about 2-3 minutes left. Then when the timer goes off, it's time for bed.


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Try giving warnings every 5 minutes until time is up. ex: 15 minutes til bedtime, 10 min....5....goodnight.

I would hope your child would listen to you and not require any type of outside devises to be respectful. You are the boss, take control, speak firmly, don't take any backtalk. What mama says goes~!



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Hi E.,

I don't know any clocks that will do that, but have to tell you that your post gave me a good chuckle this morning. If we could come up with a clock that would keep kids from arguing with us, we'd be millionaires!! :)
I do use the timer on my microwave with my daughter and it seems to work. Such as if I'm trying to get her to do a certain task, I'll set 15 minutes on the timer and tell her she has to try and beat the timer. It usually works pretty well. Maybe you could do that with bedtime, kind of a 15 minute warning.

Good luck!!



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this was a good idea, it really was. i have the same problem with my 3 yr old. i read your responses and the timer suggestions aren't bad. to tell u the truth i think ur on to something! I have never seen this type of product but if i did...i would def buy it!

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