Walking Pneumonia - Shawnee,KS

Updated on September 22, 2009
S.C. asks from Shawnee, KS
4 answers

my daughter has walking pneumonia she got diagnosed with it today when can she return to school?

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answers from Wichita on

G'Morning S., Your Dr. didn't say when she would be able to return to school? That's strange. I have had walking Pneumonia several times in my life time. Grrrrrr being an adult and sahm mom I didn't worry about it much, but I stayed home at least a week. Until my chest stopped hurting and the coughing was controlled.

You didn't say how old your daughter was, but I would call the Dr. back and ask questions. Schools do not want children back, who haven't been temp free for 24 hours.
Coughing into your arm sometimes doesn't work well with children, they try but don't always make it soon enough.

So my advice keep her home until she feels alot better, it wears you out. Call your Dr.

God Bless, praying she is better very soon
K. Nana of 5



answers from St. Louis on

Hi S.-
My son got diagnosed with pneumonia last week (midnight Sunday night at the ER, why is it always middle of the night??), don't know if it's "walking" pneumonia (although he's walking!), but they told us to keep him home from daycare at least 24 hr after his fever went away. It ended up just being 2 days for us, but daycare is easier than school, you might just want to see how she's feeling and play it by ear. I've never had it and it's so common that we don't think much of it, but boy did it scare us with him (he's 2 1/2 y/o), it's really quite serious but fortunately he responded pretty quickly to the antibiotics. Best of luck, hope she feels better soon!



answers from Kansas City on

I agree that your doctor should be consulted. I had it in my 20's and had to miss 5 days of work. The cough lingered for several weeks but I wasn't contagious anymore. With all that is going around already, I wouldn't want your child sitting next to mine until I knew they were not contagious. Caution on the conservative side for all the other kids would be my advice.



answers from Kansas City on

I agree with the other responders. You should consult your dr. One thing to be aware of, having had this several times myself, is that it can turn into full blown pneumonia if you're not careful. Even if your daughter gets cleared to go back to school, make sure she's getting plenty of rest and finishes all meds. I had a bout turn into full blown pneumonia my Jr. year of HS and ended up missing a month of school! It was miserable!!

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