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Updated on June 24, 2009
A.D. asks from North Aurora, IL
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I live in North Aurora, Illinois and would love to have someone walk with me. I need to start exercising and this may be a start.

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So What Happened?

Everyone who responsed to Jealous Grandmom gave some very good advice, I will be patient and show more one on one time with my grandchild Chase. He is two years old and maybe at three he will be differant. I surely feel better.
god bless all of you

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Don't push him to accept you. He may just enjoy a male role model more at this stage. Kids go through so many stages as they develope. Grandpa may be his favorite right now, but in six months, or a year from now, his affections may be turned to you. I'm sure it is hard for you right now, but your grandchild doesn't want to hurt your feelings.
As he grows and is around both of you, the relationship will grow and deepen.
Does grandpa play with him a lot? Try to join in on some activities, but let them have some time to themselves, also. Maybe you can think of something that you and your grandchild would enjoy doing together apart from grandpa. A walk to the park? Maybe a picnic?
Kids can be fickle. You may be his favorite in the future and wish he would play with grandpa!
You'll see, just hang in there and be ready when he needs you. Good luck.

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My parents have nine grandkids, of which 3 are boys. Every single one of them, especially from birth to about age 3, only wanted my dad. My son is almost 4 and is still a huge Papa's Boy. As everyone else has been saying, it is a phase. The only suggestion I have is that you take him out on some special "Grandma Dates" where just you and him do something fun. In turn, he may want to have a Grandpa Date.

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Hi A.
My son went through that phase with my mother as well. And that is all it is a phase. My son would light up when he saw my dad and only wanted to play with him. This was around two years old. Now at three, for some reason he is preferring my mom. Nothing has changed, but I knew it was bothering my mom before and now she is having a great time with him. Don't push anything on him, just be there when he wants to play and he will be asking for you soon.

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