Walking in a Cam Boot?

Updated on January 03, 2011
A.S. asks from Moscow, ID
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Hi. I had a bad bicycle accident a couple of months ago and am in a cam boot for at least another month. I have stretched ligaments & a possible hairline fracture. (The doc really thinks it's broken but can't find anything on the x-rays). My problem is that I have to walk everywhere because we don't have a vehicle. I relied heavily on walking or using my bike + trailer to get around until my accident happened (to make it worse I walked on it for a month before going in). Once in a while I'm able to borrow a vehicle but I can't count on it. So I walk between 2-10 miles a day in it (picking kids up from school, errands, etc.) The last couple of weeks I didn't go anywhere since the kids were on holiday and I was able to rest but it's back to the grindstone now. We have gotten a ton of snow dumped on us this last week though. My awesome friends have stepped in to help as much as possible and unfortunately the city bus doesn't mesh with my schedule or I'd use it since there's a stop a block away from me. Does anyone have any advice to keeping the foot protected other than wearing triple socks and a plastic bag over it? Thanks in advance for your help!

To clarify, I'm in a boot because the doc can't find a break although she's concerned there is one there. None of us are happy about me walking so much in it unfortunately it's not something I can change. I CAN change how far I walk such as dropping the errands, etc. But I still have to walk 2-4 miles a day on those days I have to pick up my kids from school (I have to go 2x a day since I have a kindergartener). A friend will be able to pick my boys up from school in the afternoon on most days but I still have to get my daughter and some days my children have appointments that I don't care to miss (such as my ODD son working with his councilor and PSR worker). At least they're on the way home and not out of my way.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your input everyone. K. N., myrecovers.com was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I'm gong to look at the budget to see if I can squeeze on in anywhere. As to getting another opinion or MRI, I would love to but unfortunately I'm not insured. My husband is a full time student and it costs over $1K a semester to add me to his insurance and it doesn't cover hardly anything. I had to pay for my visit out of pocket, $100+ and I'm lucky to even have the boot; the clinic has a program for used ones. I haven't even received the bill for the x-rays yet and I'm dreading those.

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When I had to wear my Aircast walker boot, my physical therapist strongly suggested I pay attention to the footwear on my "good" foot. The sole & heel should be as close to the same height as the injured foot in the walker as possible to avoid putting additional pressure on your knees & hips (and to help the injured one heal).

Try www.myrecovers.com A few months ago they were featured in our local paper (The Boston Globe) and I sure wish I had known about them when I had to wear one!

Good luck! Everyone means well when they say you shouldn't do things -- and even though they're absolutely correct, sometimes there's really no option. Hope this link helps.


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In September I had to wear a boot. It was the most idiotic thing to give me one since the muscles in my other leg are paralyzed. I wore it for one day.
How are things. Better than they were and tomorrow I return to my orthopedic specialist who is more experienced than the fellow I saw in Sept.
Get another diagnosis. A hairline fracture heals quickly.
I went to Rite Aid and bought a black bandage they have that holds the lower leg firmly. I use that instead of the boot.



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If you have insurance get an mri or ct scan of that bone to find out if there really is a break. You need to find someone to help you if there is one, such as your awesome friends picking up your daughter as well. Take care. And cancel any appointment you can. It is not worth walking to them all at this point.


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Keeping the foot protected from cold or in general? In general a cast would help that. If you don't have one then that's odd.



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Hi A. -

I worked for a company that manufactured the cam boots/cam walkers and I don't ever remember a patient being permitted to walk up to ten miles per day. I am worried it will take forever to heal especially if it is an unconfirmed fracture. Will you be seeing the doctor soon? Hopefully some of the awesome friends can help out a bit more.

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