Walker or Jumparoo?

Updated on August 19, 2011
M.. asks from Detroit, MI
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I LOVE when babies are in walkers! Its so cute! I love them being able to fly around the house and crack up in their walker. Both my other kids used to chase in me theirs. Tooooo cute!
Unfortunately I got rid of all my baby stuff and have to get a new something. I have been checking out walkers and saw the Jumparoos, they look cool too, but they cant run around in them. I have never had a jumparoo. I think Im leaning towards the walker though. What do you guys think? And im NOT buying both! ;) At least I hope not!

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So What Happened?

Wow, I had no idea that walkers were considered bad now. Sheesh, you'd think I didnt have 3 kids! Really glad I asked! I guess I will start researching the Jumparoos! Thanks ladies!!

LOL Denise!

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answers from Tulsa on

I decided to get an Exersaucer for my son. My pediatrician told me walkers aren't good because the wrong muscles in the legs get used and it makes actual walking for babies harder. Don't know how true that is. My sister was in a walker a lot when she was a baby and she seemed to walk just fine. But I erred on the side of caution and just got the Exersaucer. A jumparoo would be just as good.

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answers from Boston on

A jumperoo, walkers actually are bad for them and delay walking.

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answers from Richmond on

You have to have both!! Buy second hand :)

Jumparoos are the BEST... but walkers give them mobility and encourage walking (despite what peds says!) I have 3 kids and they all used both... I bought my jumperoo 2nd hand for $10... you can do it :)

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answers from Austin on

Both!!! Our daughter loved both.. But the Jumparoo while we played music was hilarious!! She would laugh and laugh..

She did not use the walker for very long, she was an extremely early walker, but she still loved the freedom..

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answers from Houston on

With Jumparoos, they stay in one place but they take up ALOT of space.

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answers from Savannah on

My pediatrician also have very strong negative feelings toward walkers. She had handed me a medical journal article about the dangers of walkers and advised us that they were awful for leg development. While I think that if you only have a one level home the dangers lessen significantly, the fact that it makes it harder for the child to learn to walk is something that is very important to consider. Also, if you have carpet, it will probably make it harder for the baby to use anyway. I think that walkers are now oldschool, and not everything that was once glorified should be in modern times.

We bought a jumperoo and I think it is the best invention ever!!! My son loves the jumperoo and we have been using it for months. We bought ours used and paid $45 but it would have been well worth it to have spent the $120 on it new! I think it is a must have for new parents and I always suggest that my girlfriends register for it and learn for my mistake of not doing so. I have never actually seen an exersaucer being used, but I would assume they are similar to, if not just as great as the jumperoo.

Also, I know that walmart sells a brand that has all sorts of stationary activity centers that are similar to jumperoos and exersaucers and they range from $40 to $80. Search their website for "bright starts" in Baby and they will all pop up. This brand is great for people who are on a budget. All of their items are considerable lower than you would find similar items at babiesrus and they are just as cute.

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answers from St. Louis on

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station - they can move (only in a circle, but still hilarious to watch them run in a circle) and play. Our son loves it!

Then, ask for a jumparoo for baby's next holiday! Or, buy used!

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answers from Houston on

my boys loved the jumparoo.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I thought walkers were outlawed....

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answers from Dallas on

I have the baby einstein jumper and my daughter loved it. It was entertaining for me to watch her jump out of control. She would play the music and then go crazy with the jumping. It was the best money ever spent, and now that I'm pregnant with twins, I'm hoping to get another one at a consignment sale. I didn't get a walker, but I got the v-tech walking toy. At first it starts as a stationary toy that they play with sitting down, and then standing, and eventually you can unlock it so they can walk. I got it on sale for $20. My daughter loved that too, but still preferred her jumper.

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answers from Detroit on

I used the jumperoo with my daughter and she loved it. she would bounce and laugh and just have a blast in it. I had the rainforest one that made noises when she moved so that got her going too. I heard walkers were bad, something about they didn't teach good control or something. Anyway, I didn't use one and my daughter was walking at 9 months. Hope this helped, good luck!

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