Waking up with Sore Feet & Ankles?

Updated on April 29, 2011
J.J. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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This is weird, I really dont understand why it happens. I go to bed, tired of course, but I have no sort of pain or physical complaints. I wake up & when I walk, my feet and ankes ache, like Ive strained them, or walked all day, (I guess they are sort of cramped, its hard to walk on them like that) I can barely walk for the first while. After 20-30 minutes, it goes away. They dont look swollen & its like the bones hurt or something. Its odd to me. Its been a few months like this, but I feel stupid going to the doctor about it. My feet DO ache if Im walking long, but this isnt walking induced. Any ideas? I always think its my weight and part of aging, but still seems odd. im neither huge nor that old.

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So What Happened?

I guess I will be going to see the doctor! I wear runners for walks, not cheapies either & go barefoot or wear the dreaded flip flops the rest of the time. I love my damn flip flops, not too certain I could stop wearing them! I guess something is likely wrong though & I also get horrible low back pain from shopping- if I walk too slow it seems, it kills me. I also roll onto the sides of my feet alot, kind of like the dawdling teenager stance. Probably not good, but hard to change bad habits. Thanks everyone for the insight!

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I agree with Christine J. Sounds like plantar fascitis. Avoid flip flops or cute sandals that offer no support. I sought treatment from a podiatrist which helped tremendously. Now I know the warning signs and how to ward off a full blown problem.

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I have had Plantar Fasciitis and it sounds similar. It's worst in the morning because the ligaments down the back of your ankle & under the sole of your foot have "shortened" while you sleep.
Before you get out of bed, really, really stretch your feet (flex and point) and then roll them on a tennis ball near your bed before getting up. Also better shoes really help--flop flops are the kiss of death.

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sounds like you are suffering from "flat feet" where your arch drops over time.

IF you are overweight - that has a lot to do with it.

I have had this problem with my weight going up and down. I have the inserts for my feet - they are molds of my feet and the arch is higher so when you put them in your shoes, your feet should NOT hurt as much.....

I've heard that PT can solve this problem. I've also heard of people using tennis balls and golf balls on the soles of their feet BEFORE they go to bed - like physical therapy (PT) and it's helped them.

For me? The best thing I've done is lose more weight - it's a struggle but I'm getting there!!


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It's plantar faciitis. I've suffered thru it, it's sooooo painful. Skip the foot doctor and get a golf ball. Roll your foot over the golf ball while standing up. In two weeks it'll be a LOT better.I WA$TED $550.00 on inserts and my physical therapist actually TREATED my issue. I hurts but the pain does go away! Good luck.


BTW,try to avoid the shots. A friend of ours that's a fire fighter got the shot and ended up in the hospital for five days from a blood clot that made its way to his lungs. Doctors rather band-aid the issue because you keep having to go back.

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My feet and ankle problems started in my mid 30's and has never been 100% better. I've changed shoes, inserts, learned exercises and stretches and done them as faithful as I can. The exercises help and good shoes do too. But I don't know if it will ever get better.

As for the type of symptoms, I've had them all, heal spurs, plantar fascitis, sprain like pains, pain in the morning, throbbing, dull aches, sharp pains, bone pain, you name it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Check with your doctor - ask about the possibility of fibromyalgia. -sjk

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answers from Reno on

Do you wear the same shoes every day? Maybe they are in need of replacement? I used to work retail and I learned that sore feet and knees in the morning meant I needed new shoes. With all the walking I did at my two jobs, I was going through shoes every 3-4 months.

You might also consider seeing a chiropractor. He/she may be able to offer some ideas. But, if you're not a chiropractor type person, don't be shy about seeing your doctor. That's why they're there!

Good luck.



answers from Appleton on

Change your shoes a couple times a day. It could be an injury but all shoes hit the foot differently so changing them a couple times a day really helps. Make sure your shoes truly fit you and have good arch support.
Do ankle stretching and strengthening exercises at least twice daily.

But just to be sure it's not a serious injury or condition, see a doctor.

OOOO the arch support inserts can become so uncomfortable by the end of the day you feet can hurt MORE with them than without them. All feet swell a bit to a lot by the end of the day the inserts take up room in your shoe and after a long day cause the top of your toes to rub on the inside top of your shoe--oooo pain.

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