Waking up W/bug Bites Every Morning..

Updated on April 13, 2013
M.B. asks from Middleport, NY
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My son has now waking up everyday w/a bug bite on him for the past week! I looked up bed bugs & its not the cluster bites its just 1 big bite. PLUS he still wets the bed (he doe wear a pull up every night but it always leaks) so almost everyday we are changing & washing sheets in hot water & color safe bleach & the bed has a plastic cover on it. BUT we did get a used wood box frame that has the drawers at the bottom a good 2 months ago. That's the only thing that has changed in his room & the bites just started last week. So would it take that long for them to start biting if it was bed bugs? I have vacuum & check his room, mattress & box & do not see signs of bed bugs either but I don't see any other kind of bugs either so ERRRRR..... Thanks in advance :)

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answers from Tampa on

Depending on the look of the bite, it could be a spider bite. Some spiders are tiny, and will live in the wood bed frame/ "box" that you just put under her bed. I would be very careful and take it apart and clean it really well. I doubt that bed bugs are the culprit.

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answers from Raleigh on

Are you sure it's a bug bite? Staph infections mimic a bug bite. It's sometimes very hard to tell the difference between the two. And staph can spread very easily. I think I would take him to the pediatrician to have the spot looked at. The doctor will be able to tell exactly what you are dealing with.

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answers from Chicago on

Does not sound like bedbugs. Those are super tiny and you would see tiny little spots on the sheets, plus lots of tiny little bites. It is possible that the bed frame was stored somewhere and a spider layed an egg that hatched recently. I would take the bed apart and clean the drawers and underside with bleach or similar in every little corner. Also make sure you get the underside tracks. Spiders can also hide inside wood but from what I have heard, it is usually wood from an exotic place/foreign country.

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answers from Kansas City on

Sounds like a spider or mosquito.

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answers from Washington DC on

Definitely check the bed even though the timing seems off since you've had it two months -- still, I would inspect it carefully. If you got it from a store that sells a lot of imported products, there is chance that the wood is infested. I know people who have had to throw out inexpensive wooden or wicker products that were imported because the items had bugs in them. (Not "bedbugs" but other insects that were shipped here along with the furniture.) You could try removing the bed for a few weeks and seeing if the bites then stop; if they .do stop, the problem was something in the bed that you couldn't see but that was there, nevertheless. .

The other possibility is, as others said, spider bites, and in spring spiders often move indoors if it's been wet where you are. Put out spider traps (you can get them at any hardware store or Home Depot type of store) as well as investigating the bed.Spider bites can be harmless but certain types can be serious, though not for your son so far. I might check with an exterminator and ask if there are issues in your area with biting spiders in homes.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Bed bugs will bite alot and bites follow a trail. If it's just one bite it may as well be a spider or maybe an allergic reaction and he's really getting bumps. With spider bites you should be able to see two marks next to each other.

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answers from San Francisco on

Do you have any pets? I ask because my daughter had something like that going on, and it turned out her cat (who sleeps on her bed) had fleas. We treated the cat for fleas and the bug bites stopped.

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answers from Honolulu on

Do you have ants?

Here, there are many ants. Kids get bitten.
Some ants are very small.
Take a good hard look.... around the room, along the perimeter of the room, on the floor, all over.
See if you can see, any bugs/ants/spiders/webs etc.

Take him to the Doctor to evaluate it, too.


answers from Washington DC on

bed bugs are very hard to find. We had them about a year ago and only saw a few, but we were able to get rid of them. It took about 4 treatments to get rid of them completly (extermination). They can hide in the carpet, in outlet plugs, in any type of crack or corner and even the closet. We found the nest after the 2nd extermination behind our bed in the carpet. We never had bed bugs before until we moved into our current rental. If it's not bed bugs, it could be another type of bug maybe. Or could it be an allergy to something? Maybe call out an exterminator just have a look. It doesn't cost anything to just have them come and check.



answers from Dallas on

Totaly depends on what the bite looks like. There are many things it could be unfortnatly from your discription.



answers from New York on

It could be from the wood bed. Bed bugs sometimes take about two months to appear because there may have been only one around and it might have been born and then started biting. I would buy food grade diatomaceous earth and put it in a baby bottle and puff it all around the corners of the bed under the mattress and on the bed posts. It works well for a small infestation and it completely dries up the bed bug and dehydrates it and kills it. Get it right away so you can get rid of the problem fast. And hopefully you will not see the bites again. Diatomaceous earth also helps with any kind of bugs too so its good to have around the house and you can even drink it with some water and it will get rid of worms or parasites in your system. So it is safe to use the only thing is you don't want to breath in the powder while your placing it around because any powder is bad for your lungs even baby powder so just hold your nose while you do it. Good luck!


answers from Los Angeles on

I think bedbug bites are tiny, and I don't believe he would have just one. It does sound like it could be a spider, though.

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