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Updated on July 14, 2009
A.L. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Hello, I am interested in finding some excellent pool spots for hot days. I have 11 month old so wading pools or splash parks preferrable. I am in downtown Saint Paul but willing to drive 20 minutes or so. Thanks!

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there is a smaller wade pool for little ones in roseville behind best buy near snelling- If you are going north on snelling to cty rd c - U turn at the stop light and head back south on snelling till you get to the 1st right ( there is a memory loss facility for seniors on the corner) where you turn right. Follow that around where the bingo hall is then take the next right and it is half a block down on the right side- There is a small parking area and play area very close. I live in st paul and i go there often in the summertime.

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You should really look at the pool in Highland Park in St. Paul. It is right next to the Circus Jueventas tent in the park. I think it is very kid friendly for the little ones too. Highland is a very quick drive from downtown. Their hours are a little strange though. I believe they don't open until noon. This can really interfere with nap time!



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There is a park in Linden Hills (in Minneapolis near Lake Harriet) that has some good wading type pools and it fairly shaded.

There is also a nice splash pad in St. Louis Park at Oak Hill Park. It's near hwy 7 and Louisiana Ave.

Both parks are free!



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Burnsville has a nice park area that has a splash pad and what I would describe as a wading river. I believe the water is chlorinated and it is really nice for little ones. They have free conerts at noon on Thursdays like the Teddy Bear Band and the Splatter Sisters. They also have other free family events ther. It is near 35w and Hwy 13.




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Waubun park in Mpls. by Minnihaha falls is great.It's a gradual slope wading pool with squirters and it's FREE. I also live in St. Paul and St. Paul parks don't have wading pools, only Mpls. (I think it's a liability issue).



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Hi A.,
I am a little late in replying to this, but thought it might still be helpful. The wading pool in Roseville (off of Oakcrest Drive behind Best Buy) is great for little ones but it is "closed for maintenance" until mid-July. As a result, I have been going to the one at Van Cleef Park in Minneapolis. It is off of Como Avenue and 15th Street (just north of the U of MN campus, about 1.5 miles west of Hwy 280 and about 1 mile east of 35W). It is nice b/c it is shaded and has two playgrounds adjacent to it. I found that it was shallow enough for my 6 month old. Hope that helps!



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I've never been there, but Apple Valley has the Kelley Park Splash Pad: http://www.ci.apple-valley.mn.us/Parks/Facilities/Parks/K...

Como Zoo has a wading pool: http://www.comozooconservatory.org/como_park/amenities/po...

Highland Park has an aquatic center with a splash pad: http://www.stpaul.gov/index.aspx?nid=2665

When your eleven-month-old is older, go to the Shoreview Community Center Tropics water park: http://www.ci.shoreview.mn.us/TROPICS/Tropics.html


Hope this helps!

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