Wading Pools and Fountains Eastside

Updated on August 08, 2008
A.S. asks from Kenmore, WA
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I'm looking for fun, outdoor activities for my 16-month-old daughter. I know that Seattle has a lot of great outdoor fountains (International Fountain) and wading areas (Greenlake), but I haven't found the equivalent since moving to the Eastside. Are there any cool places I could take my daughter to play in the water? I'm looking specifically in the Kirkland/Kenmore/Bothell area, but I'd branch out further if needed. I know where pools are, but I'm looking for something free and very shallow.

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You might want to explore the Crossroads Park on N.E. 8th just behind Crossroads Mall all. There is a new spouting water play area that seems just right for kids 1-6 years of age. Looks like fun each time I have visited.



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There's a lot to do on the Eastside.

1. Water Spray Playground at Crossroads Park in Bellevue
2. Grasslawn Park -- large new playground and 2nd play area with water fountains
3. Redmond Town Square water fountains
4. Someplace in Snohomish that's supposed to be pretty cool
5. Lake Washington -- Houghton Beach, Waverly Beach, Juanita Beach and Denny Park in Kirkland. Also you can walk down trails at St. Edwards State Park to the beach.
6. Peter Kirk pool is fun and crowded. Montlake Terrace is a really fun indoor pool with lots of fun kid play areas. They even have a lazy river with floats.
7. Aside from water features, there's also Farm Tots at South 47 Farm, blueberry picking at locations in Bellevue/Mercer and other places.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!



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Earlier this week I went to Crossroads Park (not too far from your area, and worth the drive). They recently installed a wonderful water spray park. It's great for all ages and the whole spray area is "padded" for safety. There's also climbing structures, restrooms and a massive lawn area for sitting and having a picnic.

Forest Park in Everett is also fantastic with a spray park and petting zoo. When I lived in Edmonds it was about a 15-20 minute drive from my house.

If you need more ideas, in 2006 I published a book called "Bringing out Baby: Places to Take Babies and Toddlers, Seattle, The Eastside and South Snohomish County." It has indoor and outdoor activities organized by neighborhood. It's available on our website -www.jasibooks.com, at most bookstores, or on www.amazon.com.



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There is one at Crossroads mall but I've never been there.


I heard about another one that is in Everett that is supposed to be pretty good


Peter Kirk pool (kirkland) and mountlake terrace pool are other great options.

For other outings there is a neat cafe called Tot Spot cafe in Woodinville that is pretty nice for children about your girls age. It's an enclosed play area where the parents can participate or sit right on the outside and watch the kids play. My daughter quite enjoyed it when she was around 2.





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Mountlake Terrace has an excellent tot pool, although it's inside. Forest Park in Everett has a petting zoo, playground and water park (not a "pool", but more like fountains shooting out of the ground for kids).



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Willis Tucker Park in Snohomish has a brand new spray pad as well as a hug sand pit and playground. It is just off Hwy 9 just north of Bothell.



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Check out the new Crossroads Park in Bellevue. It's pretty cool, whales, frogs, and boats that they can climb on and they squirt water.

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