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Updated on June 05, 2007
T.K. asks from Sarasota, FL
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I am looking for a school to send my son to for VPK this fall. This will be his first year and I would love to hear about places from other mom's before choosing one. We just moved to Sarasota, so I don't know the schools/daycares in this area that well.

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i signed my daughter up for fall the day registration opened. the school i chose only had 4 spots available because they gave priority to all of the returning students. i'm sorry to say at, but at this point, you may have to just sign him up for the first school you can find with an opening, and try to get him on a waiting list for some other schools.



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Hi T.,

Don't have a recommedation but did want to pass on the Early Learning Coalition web site (that oversees VPK) to you, IF you didn't have it already.


Good luck!




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T. i honestly can't rec' one as my daughter has only attended one she went through the head start program in sarasota i DO NOT rec' them i feel she learned next to nothing from their program they didnt seem to have any stucure to the program and the teachers disapline attitude was kids will be kids even when kids being kids could have resulted in the, getting hurt you may want to sty clear of this program a good daycare in general that i think may offer vpk as well but im not sure is kinderhouse if they offer vpk i'ld rec them my daughter loved them i loved them and so did my mother



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Hi T....

I live in Manatee County and do not know much about the Sarasota VPK schools. However I do know that they all do fill up rather quickly. I have a daughter in Kindergarten right now and last year was the first year for the program and I think most of the good schools filled up immediately. Now people in the area know of the good schools and have their kids on the waiting list at the beginning of the school year for the next year. If you havent already - you need to get the paperwork started and calling around - most schools probably already have a waiting list for the next school year.

Good Luck to you

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