Vomiting Issues Along with Gas.

Updated on December 03, 2010
K.D. asks from Rockland, ME
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I have a three month old daughter who since she was about 2-3 weeks old has been suffering with vomiting issues I have brought the issue up a number of times to her doctor but they never give me a answer they keep telling me its normal. At about 3 weeks old she started puking large amounts of formula although she didn't projectile vomit it was still large amounts when I brought it up to the doctor and told him I had pyloric stenosis as a baby we had her tested and she was negative, after that I never got anymore answers. I had her on Gerber Good Start Gentle plus. She also has been suffering from a lot of gas and out of no where her bowel movements aren't as frequent ( About Everyother day to three days), Then when she was about 2 1/2 months she started puking up curdled milk, all day she would do this and after I had fed her or was in the middle of feeding her. Once again I called the Doctors office to see if I could get her in and discuss the issue and my concerns but they didn't have any openings and just told me to buy gas drops and I can see how the gas drops would help with gas but not the curdled milk. So then my father in law suggested we try Similac Sensitive for fussiness and gas Due to lactose sensitivity, I've had her on it for almost a week and it has minimized the puking and she doesn't puke as much curdled milk but still is puking up some curdled milk and her bowel movements aren't any better. I am lactose intolerent could she be? could she be allergic to milk proteins? Anybody else ever had this issue with their child/infant? Please help I'm desperate. I appreciate any information you might give. I also have researched all over the internet and I always hit a dead end.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone, I called the doctors office and they put her on medication. I'm not sure what the medication is but I will be sure to let you all know, looks like most of everyone was right its reflux which isn't a surprise to me considering my youngest sister had it (GERD). But my question is this, why didn't they do any tests to make sure or even just have me come in with the baby to make sure thats really what it is? Or do they not have to because of her symptoms and the fact that it runs in my family?
So I got her Medicine and its Ranitidine, I just gave her the first dose, I'll let you guys know how it works and once again thank you all SO SO much it means the world to me.
So I gave her the first dose yesterday and so far so good, she's not spitting up curdled milk anymore and isn't quite so cranky, I also raised her crib mattress and keep her upright for 30 minutes after she eats, she seems a lot better and more happy. Once again thank you all for everything I really appreciate it.

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answers from Boston on

You should take your baby to a pediatric gastrointeroligist. I am appalled that your pediatrician is ignoring your concerns - so when you have time - I would also recommend you find a new pediatrician who will listen to you. My children both have acid reflux - and they both had very different symptoms. Only one of my children vomitted all the time - and yes - I believe you when you say "vomit" - it is not "spit up" as other babies do. I'm not saying I know that your baby has acid reflux - but I truly think that a pedi gastro doctor will help you. You may have multiple issues. My daughter needed soy formula - I realized later when she was about 14 months and we tried cow's milk that she had a mild milk allergy. But aside from that, she also had acid reflux. You may have a combination of things - something causing the gas may be different from what is causing the vomiting. But your Mommy instinct is always right and I can tell you are sensing there is something more to all this - it is not "normal" - and fight to see a good pedi gastro doctor. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

Hi Kristin---Cows milk proteins are highly allergenic. Please take some time to research www.pcrm.org and put dairy into the search box. Another website sponsored by pcrm is www.strongbones.org. Lastly, please visit www.thechinastudy.com.

I work with several prominent pediatricians and all express concern about the increasing use of antacids for babies. There is emerging research showing that indigestion is because of not having enough stomach acid. Those acids are essential for proper digestion and I fear that a large part of the population is suffering from malnutrition because of the prevalant use of that class of drugs.

The peds that I work with suggest that soy may be an option and that, in most cases, a predigested formula helps with spitting and reflux. I know that there are a lot of negative comments about soy but unless a person is diagnosed with a true allergy, soy is a perfectly good food as PART of an otherwise healthy diet. Another source to check on that is
http://www.womentowomen.com/healthynutrition/soycontrover.... You can always ask the ? or see if anyone else has at www.askDrSears.com. There are many factors that could explain why your daughter vomits when eating. How hungry is she? Maybe she eats too fast. A baby's digestive system needs to learn to adjust to doing it's job by itself. Prior to birth mom predigests the food. I know it is hard, especially if baby is uncomfortable but sometimes patience is needed more than anything. One thing that I realized with my kids is that as soon as I thought I figured out their quirks, habits and needs, they'd go and change on me. What seems normal today my not be tomorrow or ever again. Good luck. D. PS. If you would like documentation about my suggestions, feel free to ask.



answers from Burlington on

Hi K.,

I would get a different pediatrician. Vomitting is not normal. It may be common, but it's not normal.

It sounds like your daughter does not do well on an unnatural diet. The best for a child is mother's milk. I assume you are not able to nurse. I therefore suggest a milk bank. The closest one to your area is:

Links I suggest as your child ages and eats solid food:

Good luck,
: ) M. D.



answers from Providence on

Change doctors ASAP!! there is obviously something going on and it needs to be addressed! Please find a doctor who will LISTEN to your concerns and take you seriously. Please do not back down, the doctor works for YOU and you are the only advocate your child has. Best of luck



answers from Boston on

first, change doctors.. she could be lactose intollerant.. she could just have reflux too. try the gas drops, keep her upright for 1/2 hr after feedings. Burp her alot during feedings! keep a towel close at hand.. both of my kids had reflux, they tend to outgrow it for the most part by the time they can sit up on their own. good luck



answers from Boston on

Formula can be harsh on a little stomachs. You may have to try a bunch of different kinds before you find the one that works for you.

I have two boys and they both had different issues. We bottle fed breast milk to both of our boys, neither one would latch on. I know that this is not formula, but the method should still work for you. With my first, I had to keep an eye on how much he ate at once and I had to constantly burp him. I started by giving him a half an ounce out of the bottle and burping him then giving him another 1/2 an ounce and repeating until he was finished the feeding. It takes longer to feed the baby, but the results were a drastic decrease in the number of times he threw up. We had to make ssure that we did not give him any more to eat until he burped or he would definately throw. Over time we increased the amount of fluid he would receive in between each burp.

Our second child ate very fast and would cry if we took the bottle out too soon. He would tend to over eat and get rid of the rest. We had to give him smaller bottles and feed him more often until we were able to figure out the right amount to give him without making him spit up.

We talked to a lactation consultand and the pediatrition about both of them alot about the vomiting. Sometimes babies just spit up or throw up a lot. if they have an air bubble they can't get out right away, the milk might come out chunky with the bubble. They said the amount of fluid coming out is deceiving. It may look like a bilge pump, but it actually may be only a tablespoon of fluid. The way they monitor the baby and the vomiting is checking their weight. If they are gaining weight like they should and not drastically loosing weight, the baby is receiveing enough nutrition. If the baby is not crying and fussing alot after the feeding or when they are vomiting, it is probably gas and they tend to not worry too much about it.


answers from Boston on

Email me - I have a friend who went through this with her child, cyclic vomiting and so on. It's fixable, simply and without medication. My friend is a pharmacist and did every drug and procedure, to no avail, until she found a nutritional solution. It will help you too. You need to talk to her.


Just to add on to what D. M said and to comment on all this advice to add drugs - be careful on the drugs! It's ridiculous to put little babies on all this stuff. D. M is right about digestion. Her comment about soy - just to expend: the soy isn't the problem, it's the way the soy is processed by most companies here in the US (washed in alcohol, stripped of its key components, etc.). Soy is used world-wide and has been for centuries. It's only recently that many people have problems.

The lactose intolerance you have is not a true allergy - you are missing what is needed to digest it. So you need to add to your diet, not take stuff away.

There is great science being done on this and I am fortunate to be part of this cutting edge research based on true clinical trials. A lot of doctors are getting on board but many are woefully behind because they never had a single nutrition class in med school. They are visited regularly by drug company reps and so that's the "new" info they have. The AMA said 8 years ago that supplementation is absolutely necessary for every person in the US, and that liquid supplementation is best -- but a lot of doctors haven't learned what that means yet.

You can put your child on a special supplement made for babies, made here in the US by the chief food scientist who developed the first soy-based infant formula -- or you can throw drugs at her and have her continue to be miserable. I'd be happy to help you do the former! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.



answers from Burlington on

We went down this road and can still remember how frustrating it was. We tried the drops, also tried prescription (but also seemed to make her wretch). I was sure she had pyloric stenosis, but since surgeons will operate only if they can't eat (dehydrated, no urine output, failing to thrive), we would just keep going. She would get refed after large vomiting episodes, and wear a bib, and bring lots of changes of clothes (for the baby AND the grown-up). She just grew out of it, better after 6 mos, resolved by 9 mos. Seems like forever, but it will happen. Good luck.



answers from Boston on

I would change doctors right away. They should not be dissmissing your concerns for your child.



answers from Shreveport on

poor baby. Sounds like reflux. My doctor put my baby on prevacid and she was like a happy baby again. Also, if you peditrician dismisses your concerns, you may want to find one that will listen. Hope you find answers. We went on soy formula also and it helped

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