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Updated on December 21, 2012
T.G. asks from Trinidad, CO
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Hey Momma's!!!
I need help!! My 5 year old son started vomiting and diarrhea on Sunday morning... Well by sunday night... he seemed ok. Then yesterday morning, he woke up and vomited once but all the rest of the day he had diarrhea. By 4 o'clock in the afternoon, we seemed to have it under control and I thought we were finally were kickin it..or atleast the downward slope. Mind you he has no fever, he is in great spirits and still hungry!! So yesterday, the only things I fed him were toast, crackers, rice, and an apple. He drank water, tea, and 7-up. Well then again... I thought he was doing better and then at 1:00am this morning... :( he threw up again!! So I need some advice...He is happy and playing with no fever... but he is hungry... So any momma's know what to feed him? I stuck to the brat diet but I dont know why he is still throwing up... and its only randomlly... He still has diarrhea though. I know its probably some kind of bug...but still I wish it would hurry and take its course.... :( Any help on any thing, I would greatly appreciate it!! Merry Christmas!!
Thanking you in advance!! :)
Worried Momma!!

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answers from Peoria on

I'd bring him to the doctor. It's been 3 days now and doesn't seem to be getting better. Time to ask the pediatrician. I would really fear him getting dehydrated. As far as food, I think you are feeding him the right things.

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answers from Appleton on

Give him something with cinnamon in it. Make sure it's real cinnamon not cinnamon flavored. A peice of toast with cinnamon sugar, a small bowl of applesauce with some cinnamon sprinkled on, stir it in, give it to him. Should help tp settle his stomache.

Keep the fluids going.

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answers from Denver on

The EXACT same thing happened to my son two years ago, and it ended up that he had giardia. It's a parasite that mainly dogs carry. We didn't even know our dogs had it, because they didn't exhibit any symptoms. But sure enough, vomiting and diarrhea with my son. The nurses just kept telling me "it's just a virus" but after a few days I knew it wasn't. No fever. Eating well. The second I spoke with our pediatrician, he knew it was giardia. So, I'm not sure if your son has been around dogs or animals lately (even birds carry giardia), but possibly a parasite got ahold of your little man? If it is giardia, left intreated it can cause major stomach cramping... just a heada up :) I hope you get it figured out! So hard when they are sick :( good luck and Merry Christmas!! Also... Kids can pick it up anywhere where there is stagnant water, and in Colorado's dog population, over 30% of dogs have it and too many owners don't know their dogs carry it. My hunch? It's a parasite. I would call the pediatrician and do a stool sample :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi there M.!! I'm sorry your little one is not feeling good, poor baby. There is definitely a stomach bug going around, I would just say let him eat whatever sounds good to him, just don't let him stuff himself. It doesn't sound like it's a problem with food more like a virus like you said. Aslong as he is drinking it's ok :) if his appetite goes away that's fine too aslong as he's drinking.

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answers from Portland on

The nurse told me that anything yellow or orange will help stop you up, so lots of bananas and other fruits. But, really, if he isn't better by tomorrow, or if he gets worse tonight I would take him in. Or, at least call the on call nurse and get another opinion; it has been a long time to be that sick. Good luck to you and to him.


answers from Fort Collins on

Sounds like norovirus. Its fast and furious. Google it.


answers from Houston on

Is he stressed? My son would get stressed (ill) on Sunday evenings due to bullying at his pre k center.


answers from Phoenix on

rice and apple sauce. good luck!



answers from Oklahoma City on

There is a bug going around and it seems to be visiting off and on for about a week. I'd just keep him close to home in case he has an accident then let him return to school or other stuff after Christmas Break.



answers from Denver on

My 9yr old son had it-seems to be a virus that's running it's course. He threw up and had a headache, but nothing else. Then FOUR days later had diarrhea for two days....then it was gone. In general, he felt okay and didn't have a fever. Hope it ends soon for you and your son!



answers from New York on

Sounds like it has to run it's course. Rule of thumb....feed only one thing if hungry, wait half hour, see if he keeps it down. If he does not keep it down he is not ready to eat anything else other than a starch and a settling liquid. Start with toast and ginger ale or coke. Coke settles the stomach better than the ginger ale. Do not offer variety, as that may be what sets it all off again. Good luck.



answers from Boise on

It's time to take him to see the doctor. He has been sick long enough. Good luck!



answers from Bellingham on

I'd stick with the toast, and crackers. Fruit may make his tummy even more upset. Get some gastrolyte drink into him too.

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