Vomiting and Breast Pain

Updated on August 06, 2011
J.S. asks from Alhambra, CA
4 answers

I'm 8 weeks preg and have vomited twice, both of those times, I had EXTREME pain on my breast, mainly my nipples. Its a burning like pain. It was so awful that while vomiting i had to stop and check my breasts because I really thought they were bleeding!
The pain goes away about 10 minutes after I stop vomiting...

Has anyone experienced something similar?

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answers from Phoenix on

No, but my experience with pregnancy is that pretty much anything (gross, painful, etc) goes when you are pregnant. If you are truly concerned, call your OB. If you haven't had your first appointement yet, just call the nurseline associated with your insurance. Good luck. The first 3 months suck!!


answers from Providence on

No, they were quite painful,but not burning. Does a heating or cooling pad work at all. Tylenol might help with the pain. Is their any itching? If it continues, I would contact your Obgyn. I know vomiting is normal with pregnancy, but it could also be indicated of something else, along with the pain you are having.



answers from Los Angeles on

the breast pain should sbside in another month-good luck.



answers from Boston on

That's how I knew I was pregnant with my second! My boobs hurt right before my period starts but the pain I had at that time was 100x worse. I was so sick the entire time I was pregnant with him I had to take zofran (sp?) to get through work.
:( I hope it gets better for you!

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