Vomit Once a Day, Same Time

Updated on October 02, 2009
G.L. asks from Mammoth Lakes, CA
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my 11 1/2mo old son is doing this for the 2nd time now. 1st time was 2mo ago. he throws up like clock work only once, but the same time every morning. weather i give him a bottle & he goes back to sleep or sit him in his high chair for breakfast. it's always about 5am-6am then he keeps everything else down. he's fussy compared to his normal self. the first time it lasted 6days, today is the 5th day this time. the Dr gave me no answer the first time. maybe should just go to a different town for 2nd opinion. any similar experiences?

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answers from Sacramento on

Hi, I am a Nutrition Consultant and I work with children. There is some very important information that many moms are not aware of. The Environmental Working Group.. (www.ewg.org) human toxome project ... did an umbilical cord study and found babies are born with over 287 toxins running through their system and basically have a high toxic body burden at birth. Many of these heavy metals/ toxins affect the pH of the body and the digestive tract balance. The digestive tract is immature and lacks the enzymes to digest and many times at night, the food does not digest properly and the natural mechanism of the body is to empty it. Also, for many there is a yeast/ candida issue. The ph of the body is too acidic. There are several things you can do. I would encourage you to watch. www.sharethecause.com/live. This is a 9 minute documentary and will outline the issues as hand. I would recommend a childens probiotic.. Garden of Life has an excellent powder which you mix with water/ juice. Best price on www.vitacost.com Also, organic yogart.. Helios Keifer with FOS is excellent. Since he is almost a year.. these should be fine. I can also assist with the removal of the heavy metals, toxins, etc with some wonderful products I use with newborns and pregnant moms with excellent results. I work with children on the add/hd Autism Spectrum and digestive challenges are forefront. Feel free to contact me if you would like a free 30 minute consult. Take Care.. L. Medina ###-###-####

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Is your son constipated?? My son started having throw up spells because he would get so back up that he would throw up. It doesn't take much to get to that point. My son was pooping every 2-3 days, it wasn't like he was only going once a week, and it was still enough to make him throw up. We started him on a good pro-biotic (Bio-Kult) and he is already doing so much better. I hope you figure it out.

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Have you been watching him when he does it? Is he putting his fingers in his mouth? Shoving his spoon too far in the back of his throat? That would do it. =)



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Hi G. L,

It sounds like something is not agreeing with him. He may need enzymes to help digest his food also.

I have some great nutritional receipes if you are interested.

Have a good day.

N. Marie



answers from Redding on

Dear G.,
Poor little guy....
It sounds to me like a reflux issue of some kind.
Are you feeding him at 5-6 am or is that when he throws up? You might want to change the time or the amount you feed him to see if it makes a difference. My son started vomitting every night right about the same time. At first I thought he had the flew but he was hungry the next day, kept everything down all day. But, at night, he was throwing up. I took him to the doctor and it was reflux. They gave him medicine and it stopped it immediately. Also I had to prop him up so he wasn't sleeping flat. I don't know for sure if this is the case with your son, but like I said, try feeding him at different times to see if that makes a difference. Otherwise, take him to the doctor since it's occuring at the same time and only once a day like my son. I mean, that's when I realized it couldn't be the flu and took my son to the doctor. He's fine now and doesn't even need the medicine anymore. But my doctor knew exactly what to do and it worked. Call your pediatrician back and tell them the problem is still ongoing and your son needs to be seen. If they can't get you in, try another pediatrician. Lots of kids have reflux issues and it can give them sore throats and all kinds of things.

It's best to follow up with having it checked out, in my opinion.



answers from San Francisco on

Does he poop at the same time those days? When my little guy is about to poop his reflux acts up.

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