Vitamins for 2 Year Old?

Updated on February 29, 2008
T.D. asks from Plano, TX
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What kind of vitamins do you give your kids? Some friends of mine told me to get the Emfamil "Poly Vi Sol" drops but they are GROSS. I can't blame him for fighting that. Even Motrin tastes better. I am not opposed to "kids" vitamins... I'm a former Flinstone kid myself so not necessarily into the "all business" kind of vitamin. I saw some Dora ones, and some gummy stuff. Just looking for some ideas.

~ t

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your responses. Ryan is a good eater, and a pretty healthy boy so I never had him on vitamins. However, having recently started daycare a few months ago when I went back to work....... he and I have had our share of ailments since our return to society. He had his first "My First Flinstone" today and ate it with no problem. We'll try these out for a while and see. I liked that they're formulated for kids ages 2-3 and the %DV chart reflects that. The other vitamins all said for kids 6-7.

~ t

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My daughter did not like Enfamil's vitamins either but she is fine with Target's knock off version of Poly Vi Sol. It is cheaper and apparently taste better. She is not almost 2 and has been using them since she was 6 months old.

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Hi T.,

I recently went through a similar situation. My 3 yr old refuses to eat ANYTHING green and I recently thought the same thing...are my kids getting enough vitamins? I did some research and have read tons of labels on vitamins in the health food stores. I tried the ones that had the most vitamins in them, but like yours they didn't taste good and my kids wouldn't take them. The ones that had the fewest vitamins like some of the gummies and jelly beans had sugar or synthetic sweeteners in them, so of course my kids liked them, but they weren't good quality.

Then I stumbled onto "The Feast" - UriLife’s Live Whole Food Based Juice Powder that contains 176 synergistic natural and many certified organic ingredients;
- 30 Power Greens & Vegetables,
- 30 Antioxidant Rich Fruits & Berries,
- 11 Nutrient Dense Seeds, Nuts & Sprouts,
- 83 Active Enzymes & Fulvic Mineral Blend,
- 22 Resilient Living Probiotics.
(Naturally sweetened by the plant Stevia).

Most of the kids vitamins out there use synthetic, isolated vitamins that are hard for our bodies to absorb, it's much better to get your vitamins from whole foods. I haven't found any other products with the variety and quality of living ingredients in "The Feast". Plus, they use a patented, low heat, drying process that leaves the nutrients intact as nature intended.

I can send you a free sample of "The Feast" so you can try it out - It is life style friendly, convenient and tastes great (Both my boys, ages 5 and 3 love drinking it, since it tastes like regular juice). It only takes a couple seconds to throw a scoop in with water and mix it up.

e-mail me back with your contact info or to learn more visit:

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My daughter just had her 2nd birthday Jan 6th. She is normally a super healthy baby. However, we were in the ER this past Sunday because she had been vomiting for about 3.5 hours. They took her blood, gave me some suppositories & told me to follow up with her pediatrician the next day. When I went to Dr. Rick, he looked over her lab work & decided she was low in iron & said the best vitamin for her would be any child's vitamin with the word 'complete'. So we picked up one from wal-mart, the disney princess chewables & she has no problem taking them. She only needs 1 a day. Before that she was taking the gummy kind that worked out well, but since she loves fruit snacks she would have a fit because I wouldn't give her a handful. The chewable kind is working out better for us. Hope this is helpful... P.S. You're going to be horrified at Dr. Rick's diagnosis! The reason she was vomiting, he concluded, was because she managed to get salmonila from the city's water system. Now it's bottled water from here on out!



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VitaBears are awesome! They don't have any sugar in them but still taste great. I tried one out before giving them to my boys. :) They've also been tested & the little ones' bodies are able to absorb 95%+ of the vitamins/minerals in the vitamin. That is a really high percentage. We can only absorb less than 10% of the vitamins in most of the things manufactured today. I would definitely recommend VitaBears!



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We use Vita Bears. My kids love them! I have a six year old and a 22 month old. I love them for three main reasons. #1 reason is because I know that my kids are getting all the vitamins they need because of the fructose compounding. #2 The kids love them because of the taste. #3 They are inexpensive.
I am a stay at home mom of two boys! I was a 2nd grade teacher before my first son was born, and now I educate others on household safety. To check this out you may go to
H. M



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I've been off Mamasource for a while, but wanted to send a (late) response to your post.

Vitamins are important, as are minerals and antioxidants! Children and the elderly are the most at risk for immune deficiency, so they need to be protected! Cheap pills are really expensive poop. So many people spend more money on the outside of their body than the inside. I encourage anyone that buys a supplement (multivitamin/multimineral/antioxidant) to at least purchase a QUALITY one. My family takes a liquid (the whole family can take the same formula) and it has done wonders for our health and decreased medical bills. It tastes GREAT!!!


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try your local health food store they have great sections for kids and most of their vitamins come from whole food sourcesrather than a lab somewhere. My daughter takes 4 different kinds, and i keep different ones on hand for specific problems that may arise like sickness and constipation etc... She takes the gummi bear and jelly bean varieties, i can get her to take them every day and night because they taste and look like candy. It is a rare child , (or adult for that matter) that eat the way they are supposed to. Vitamins are merely nutrition technology to fill in the gaps.



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Unless your child does not eat a healthy diet, is allergic to fruits and veggies or has some sort of deficiency then he shouldn't need a vitamin.



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We use Juice Plus gummies (reduced fruits/veggies)instead of vitamins (man-made guess on what we need). Our daugther is 4 so check on age limits since the fiber is still in there. Yes, it's more expensive than vitamins but good health is a top priority! Recommended by Dr. Sears so that really convinced me since I value his baby book.

We even gave a supply for Christmas to a picky-eater cousin. Kids seem to get less flexible with food after toddler-hood.

Sold thru reps (Moms like us!). Email mine at:



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I would love to send you a sample of our kids vitamins... its a powder and taste really good for them... it gives them there whole fruits and veggies and my little boy loves it... just email me your address or anyone who wants to try them and i will send you a few before you buy to see if he likes it.. i can also send you some info.. they have NO sugar perservatives or color.. ect.... LOVE IT ...



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Another idea, aloe-vera based and 100% natural, go to and see:

Forever Kids Chewable Multivitamins

No sugar, no preservatives and nothing artificial! Your kids will love the natural orange and grape flavor, animal-shapes and you'll love the peace of mind.

Please feel free to contact me with questions. Thank you.

D. Peña



answers from Amarillo on

I gave my daughter (now 3 yrs) the "My FIrst Flinstones" when she was 2 that is just for 2 and 3 year olds. They taste good, and we all grew up on FLinstone vitamins. I still give her one every day. Hope this helps.

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