Visiting the St. Paul and Minneapolis Aug. 9 to 14, 2012 - Flower Mound,TX

Updated on July 11, 2012
J.T. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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We will be visiting the Twin Cities in August. I'm up for any ideas of fun activities to do with my 5 year old daughter.
We will have a car, so anything a bit out in the suburbs is welcome too!
Thanks so much!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

I'll start with the free things:

Como Zoo in St. Paul - it is a GREAT zoo, considering that it is free. They do accept a good will donation. Try to catch a Sparky the Seal show. Adjacent to the zoo is a great little amusement park called Como Town, and a conservatory, if she is at all into flowers or other plants. Great photo ops around.

Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis - rent a paddle boat, play on the beach & in the water. Maybe ride bikes around. There are TONS of lakes in and around the cities, so there are great places to cool off.

At the Mall of America -
* Underwater World is a fantastic aquarium!
* The Rain Forest Cafe is a fun experience
* Nickelodeon Universe - age-appropriate rides, and some that might get her to be a bit adventuresome

In downtown St. Paul -
* Minnesota Children's Museum
* Science Museum of Minnesota

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answers from Minneapolis on

Depends on what she likes to do. I second many of the things that have already been suggested. There is also a large indoor waterpark near the Mall of America. It is called the Waterpark of America although the two are not associated with one another. There is a HUGE fun outdoor playground in Bloomington at Hyland Park. Lots of climbing, big slides, etc. Farther out in Chanhassen is the U of M Arboretum. It's fun for kids who like nature activities, but maybe boring for those who don't. Also out west that way in Minnetonka as part of the Hennepin County Park system is a shallow man made lake with a nice sandy beach and playground that is great for young children. The Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley is not free like the Como Zoo, but it's much bigger, has a lot of indoor and outdoor exhibits, a working farm and a dinosaur exhibit this summer. It has a monorail. If it's raining there's an indoor playground in Edina called Edinborough. It's actually part of an indoor park inside a senior citizen condo building. If you have any specific questions please PM me. Otherwise I'll update this if I think of other activities. We are a very family friendly metropolitan area. Oh, I don't know if the Children's Theater in Mpls is showing anything during that time period, but it is a nationally well-respected children's theater. The nearby Art Institute also has a room just for kids and maps for "treasure hunts" you can pick up at the information desk.

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answers from Portland on

I visited a few times when I was in college, and I have to second the Rainforest Cafe! It is totally neat and kid friendly!
If you've never been tubing (floating down a river on a rented inner tube) then this is the place to do it. Its not something we do here, but I had so much fun!
Lots of lakes and stuff to see, but that might get boring. The Mall of America is huge and could take up a whole day, especially if you go to the amusement park in the middle. It used to be Snoopyland, but it might be called something else now.
I can't think of anything else kid friendly right now, but if you get grown up time, there is an adult store that takes up 5 floors of a building that cover a whole city block. My friends thought I needed to see it, and wow! I had no idea there could be that much stuff in one place for that kind of thing! I'd go just as an experience. Oh,and take 2 gay guys with you for even more embarassing fun. (I was red the whole time we were there.)



answers from Madison on

I wanted to second Fawn doe Rosa and Taylor Falls (we rented a canoe) - it was awesome. My 7 year old still talks about Fawn Doe Rosa - amazing!! The Mall of America is awesome and the Nickelodon Universe she'd love.

We used to live in the cities. We prefered Como Zoo to the MN zoo. The Children's museum in St. Paul is a lot of fun. You should visit Mickey's Dinner in saint paul.

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