Visiting Orlando in June. Will It Be Too HOT?

Updated on May 30, 2012
M.M. asks from Chicago, IL
26 answers

Will it be too hot to go to Orlando with a toddler in June? Is it better to avoid? Thanks!

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answers from Tampa on

Yes, Orlando will be hotter than hell! Wen are getting up to the 90s every day now down here. The themeparks will be seriously crowded this time of year....

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answers from Atlanta on

Yes, Too Hot in both places!

Maybe go to the new england states? Beaches in N.C. some place like that.

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answers from Detroit on

I would second someplace like Cape Cod in June. If he's only 2, and you are not limited to school vacation time, why not do Orlando any other time of the year? I would also vote for Outer Banks or Myrtle Beach as a better choice.

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answers from Phoenix on

Are you flying or driving? Look into different states & what their summertime climates are, and then make your decision from there.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with the Grand Canyon with such a young child. Too many variables and he won't be interested in it. The weather is actually pretty nice there during the summer, as the climate is way different than it is in Phoenix.

I second Northern California. I hear Washington is beautiful, as well.

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answers from Miami on

Hi Jennifer. I grew up in South Florida, but North Florida weather in June is also quite hot. Florida is amazing October/November-March/April. May-september can be quite balmy and hot.

Thus, for vacation...with a toddler, I would perhaps try a place with a much more comfortable climate, especially as your little one is not used to it. On the other hand, I currently live in a Western country abroad which is very hot now...and the kids do adapt. If you are around water all day...and there is adequate is a possibility. But I would go to a beach until 10/11 and then after 4 which is what most natives with kids do where i live. and a big lunch outdoors in the shade with long siestas in the daytime....:)

Have fun whatever you decide.

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answers from Fort Collins on

I haven't been in years...but I remember going to a conference there in June. It was so hot and humid, it literally felt as if I were walking into a wall when leaving the air conditioned conference space and stepping outside. Ugh. I would recommend going at another time, if possible.

Most of the country is beautiful to visit in the summer....Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Northern California would be my first choices.

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answers from Charlotte on

Added - I just got this in my regular email box - talk about timing! Go to this website:|###-###-...

The next time I go to Disney, I want to get one of these maps!


Grand Canyon is very hot - a drier heat, but yeah, really hot. Moreso is the "getting there" - whew!

Where are you going in Orlando? Are you going to Disney? If you are going to Disney, you can do it. They have "misters" everywhere to help cool you down. We've done Disney in July - can't get any hotter than July!


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answers from Lakeland on

It's already in the 90's now so by June it will just be added humidity. I think the desert gets hotter but no humidity.

The good thing here is that every hotel has a pool and there are plenty of water parks. The down side is that in the summer months they are all very busy.



answers from Pittsburgh on

That's why people go to FL in the winter months.
If at all possible--reschedule Disney for winter, and wait until he can remember it.
Are ou open to east coast beaches? Outer Banks, North Myrtle Beach, etc.


answers from Chicago on

In the summer of 1998 I worked at Disney - oh my goodness I'd walk out of the condo at 8 in the morning and it was like this hot wall that hit M.! So, yes, hot and humid. I had never been there prior to working there so I absolutely loved it. Sure, it was hot but even as a 20-something at the time I felt the magic of the place. There are cool places to go inside and if you have a stroller with an umbrella-like top and a squirt bottle of water your little one should be fine. Grand Canyon - I haven't been there but my sister was there about 3 weeks ago and it was about 100 degrees. Whichever place you choose I am sure you will have fun!!



answers from Dallas on

My in-laws live in Tampa (just my FIL now because MIL recently passed away). We have gone to Orlando numerous times in the almost fourteen years that I have been married. I agree that the humidity there is a killer. I thought November was worse than June as far as the humidity goes. It feels like you have stepped out of the shower and then you have to drip dry. Every time that we went to amusement park, it always rained in the afternoon. Take rain ponchos with you. You can get them cheap at the dollar store. I agree that the rain is usually a very short shower and then it clears right up.



answers from Miami on

Yes its hot in June. I just got back from Universals end of May. It was still nice at night (By Florida standards) but getting hot in the day time. Kids are resilient and should handle it well. Orlando has the new lego land and of course every kid dreams of Disney. If your looking for a place to go with your kid dont just think Florida equals Orlando. St. Pete, South Florida and the Keys have a bunch to offer too. St Pete has Treasure Island with beaches and you can see the porposes swim. South East Florida has butterfly world and Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood Beach. The Keys have Key Largo and Marathon where you can rent a place right on the beach and let him swim and swim.


answers from San Francisco on

Yes, it'll be way too hot! She might do ok if you push water and keep her shaded in a covered stroller.


answers from Jacksonville on

Hm. July is typically the hottest month of the year, although August isn't far behind. Either way, in Orlando, the average LOW temperature of the day is around 73 degrees. And that will happen at like 5:00 a.m. in the morning... not when you are up and about and going for your coffee.

And if you haven't experienced real humidity before... it is a shock to your system. Go take a steam sauna sometime in the very near future... it is similar to that... maybe slightly less intense, but wet, heavy and HOT all the same. I can handle heat ok, but the humidity is what saps you. It's quite oppressive.
Usually the only relief from it is the violent afternoon thunderstorms. No, they don't happen EVERY day, nor do they last all afternoon. They usually crop up mid-afternoon... build, and then release lightning and turbulent air, sometimes hail and some big drops of rain. Then 30 minutes later it is gone. But the air doesn't really clear afterwards... it will still feel steamy and gross.

Oh, and the high temps? They AVERAGE 93, but have been known to be 97, 98 and 99.

I lived in Jacksonville for 15 years. It is about 2-3 hours north of Orlando. And we were never shocked hitting the 100 degree mark a couple of times during the summer. 96-99 isn't unexpected at all.

If you want to go, I would wait until a cooler time of year, AND I would wait until he is old enough to remember it. It is too expensive (in my opinion) to go when they won't even remember it.


answers from Washington DC on


In June it's usually in the 90s in Florida. The further south you go - the hotter it yes. It will be HOT and HUMID. And if he don't have humidity in MN (when I used to visit my grand parents in Bemidji I could've sworn there was humidity there) then the heat and humidity might get to him.

If you go to - you will see the forecast for the month of June...

The Grand Canyon will be cooler (and dryer/no humidity) than Florida

What are you planning on doing? That makes a difference as well. If you are at the beach in Florida....if you are going to Disney World - there are attractions that can keep you cool as well....

I would go with a GREAT attitude and the desire to have fun and build memories!!!


answers from Orlando on

I live in Orlando and yes it's already in the 90's and in AZ it can reach well into the 100's in June. I grew up in Phoenix


answers from Milwaukee on

I get what you are saying but there are toddlers that live in Orlando in June LOL



answers from New York on

Everybody's tolerance is different, but if you live in MN, Orlando will feel VERY HOT in June. (I was there once in October when it was -- unseasonably -- awful.)

What about New England... like, Cape Cod?

Also, the Pacific Northwest is gorgeous in the summer! (Although June is a little iffy ... it's great there in August.)



answers from Cumberland on

it will be hell-how 'bout Maine?



answers from Los Angeles on

We went to Orlando at the end of May when my son was 2. He was so bright red all day I thought he was sunburned (he wasn't). I learned that even eyelids can sweat. In my mind, Orlando will always = ick. I need to try again in November or December. : )

How about Washington state, Seattle, Bellingham, up into Canada? Or the Intermountain West -- Idaho, Utah, Colorado, etc.?



answers from Rochester on

I was in Orlando for a conference in early May several years ago. It was very hot and humid. MN gets humid, but this felt like a more oppressive humidity. I was miserable and we weren't really outside much at all.

I've been to the Grand Canyon too. At that time of year it will be hot, but not humid. If you do go there, you definitely want to look for other things to do in the area. About a day at the canyon is all you would need. Not really anything for a 2 year old.

We really like Myrtle Beach, SC. But in June it was really hot and humid. Loved San Diego and are heading back there in July. We loved Seattle and Washington DC. The Black Hills are a fun trip and so is Yellowstone (although Yellowstone would be a lot of time in the car). The Denver/ Colorado Springs area is also a great place to visit. The weather there would be beautiful.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I know you already got a lot of answers but we just got back from Orlando (Disney) two days ago and it was HOT and HUMID!!!! Unbearably so IMO! My kids (2 & 4) were dragging all day and all they wanted to do was go back to the hotel and swim. It was just so hard to enjoy anything with the heat the way it was. I will admit that I am a baby when it comes to heat like that though!! Next time I go to Disney, it will be either in the fall or very early spring.



answers from Baton Rouge on

"Too hot" is relative. I live in Louisiana, and July and August are my favorite times of year. I love heat and despise cold.
You know better than anyone what temperature range your littlun can tolerate.



answers from Miami on

I wondered if this was a trick question at first.

YES, HOT in Orlando. It's called the Sunshine State for good reason and that sun is HOT in the summer.



answers from Miami on

Yes. I would personally avoid Orlando from May through August. It is not only horribly hot, but the parks are crowded because families with school aged kids are on vacation. And it rains a lot. The best time to visit Orlando temperature and crowd-wise is from after new year's until right before President's day.



answers from Lansing on

We went in August one time with four kids...whoo wee! We had a spray bottle and constantly misted the kids and made sure they drank plenty. Only one who got a touch of heat stroke was M.....because I was making sure all my kids were okay! Don't forget you as well as the baby.

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