Vision Problems with Birth Control

Updated on July 02, 2008
L.G. asks from Austin, TX
4 answers

Hi I was prescribed the minipill (progestorone only) birth control after 6 weeks of delivery because I am exclusively breastfeeding. However, I had to stop taking the pills because they were presumed to be attributed to my chronic dry eyes and inflammation to my corneas. And this condition was noted only when I wore my contact lenses. That is the conclusion my optometrist and me have come up with. I would like to know if any one has had this similiar experience.

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answers from San Antonio on

Hi L.,

I would see how your eyes feel after d/c the progesterone and I would probably take a break from the contacts. In addition, you are nursing, which can also decrease tear production due to a decrease in estrogen. The oral contraceptives can definitely be a factor. In addition, if a person does not have a fully closed blink, eyes may dry out. Symptoms can also worsen in dry climates. The key is to get your eyes feeling better. I am sure your optometrist will give you some helpful hints on how to relieve your dry eyes (natural tears, etc…) I do know that ophthalmologist are using what are called “eye plugs” for dry eyes. Ask your optometrist about it. If I explain it, you may go, gross! Seriously, it is not gross and does not hurt at all. I have eye plugs to my upper and lower eyelids-(lacrimal ducts) and it's like "cry me a river" now! So in short, I don't think they are working for me, but they do work for others and this may be the very thing that may help your eyes. They are easy to have removed just incase it does not work out for you. Just a thought and be encouraged!



answers from Austin on

Hi L.,

I haven't had a similar experience. I just read in last Sunday's Parade Magazine in an article titled, "Take Care of Your Eyes" (by Leslie Pepper) that for contacts, the ones with silicone hydrogel (a permeable plastic) allow more oxygen to reach the eyes. The article mentioned that Acuvue Oasys have "added wetting agents to help keep the eyes moist."

If I were you, I would get my eyes checked by a medical doctor--an ophthalmologist.

And, maybe this is old fashioned, but I breast fed for 8 months and as long as I didn't have a period (for about 7 months, until I began to cut back a little), I did not worry about getting pregnant. Hence, I do not understand why you are taking the minipill of progesterone because you are “exclusively breastfeeding.”

Good luck! jenifer



answers from Houston on

When I was in college I was taking some bc I can't remember the name of it right now but I too had problems with my contacts and didn't realize the connection for over a yr of having to wear my glasses. On my bc it was listed on the side effects paper you get from the pharmacy. When I talked to my ob he said to quit taking it and make an appointment. by the time i got in to see him I could wear my contacts again, no permenant damage to my eye. I just had to use another bc. He did tell me that even though they are told it is a side effect of bc he had never scutaly met anyone who had had that side effect. So welcome to the lil club!



answers from San Antonio on

I had a similar problem with one type of birth control (don't remember which one.) My GYN switched me to another one and my blurred vision went away and my dry eyes significantly decreased.

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