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Updated on August 11, 2012
J.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My daughter (10 months) had a low fever (99 - 101) since Friday night (into Sat. morning) until early this morning. Since then she hasn't felt warm. She had little appetite on Saturday, then yesterday (Sunday) she started vomiting whenever she ate any solids or whenever I tried to give her tylenol. Today she continues to vomit and has had some yucky diapers, not really the runs, but not normal poops. She is breastfed and seems to tolerate breastmilk ok. She had only had a couple crackers all day today, and was seeming to feel pretty good at dinner so I let her eat a few bananas. Then, after her bedtime nursing, it all came back up.

Anyway, I am sure it is just a virus, but she isn't usually sick for this long (3 days) and has never had a stomach bug before. Is anyone else out there suffering with the same?


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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. She's doing better today, no fever since early Monday morning, and no vomiting today. She is sleeping better too, having a nice nap right now. I'll keep breastfeeding and we'll try solids tomorrow.

We were at the Doc. this a.m. for her brother's flu shots, and she told us she's seen lots of viruses (other than the flu) going around this year, so keep washing your hands!!!

Thanks again!

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My 3 year old just got over this. It was a low fever for a couple days then throwing up started and lasted 3 days. You got some good advice from others on what to do- watch if she's lethargic, managing fluids, etc.

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As long as she's still breastfeeding okay, I wouldn't worry. Stick to breastmilk and clear liquids. But, if she has trouble keeping everything down, you should probably keep an eye out for dehydration. Make sure she's having enough wet diapers during the day, watch for sunken eyes and dry skin.
You could try pedialyte to keep her electrolytes balanced. It helps with diarrhea if she starts to have that, too.



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We just had swine flu last week, and although our fevers were hovering around 102 for a few days, apparently a lot of people are only having low-grade fevers and minimal symptoms. That is going around EVERYWHERE but it's really not so terrible. The Dept of Health is not even testing people because there are so many cases. I'm actually glad we had it because now I don't have to worry about whether or not to have my son vaccinated!
Anyway it could be so many different things. As long as she is peeing every 6 hours or so and has a good color I wouldn't worry about it. If her fever goes up or she is not peeing as much I would bring her in.



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just keep nursing. even if shes throwing up, chances are she might get some to go through, breastmilk is SO easily digested and goes through easily and even more quickly than anything else, so chances are she might actually be getting at least some of it digested before she finishes a feeding and throws up.

thank you so much for breastfeeding! especially with stomach bugs, it is one of the best things you can do for your childs tummy. its sometimes one of the only things that sick kids can keep down (or like i said, at least long enough to digest SOME of it)

stomach bugs are notorious for lasting what seems like forever. for a while it comes out one end, only to start coming out the other end when things seem to have gotten better. so just have patience and just keep nursing! if she has just thrown up, try to give her just little bits at a time, and then wait for her to see if she throws up again or something, and then a little bit more. if you want to try some pedialite spoonfulls that would be ok too.
good luck



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With the length of your child's illness, and the symptoms you have described, you should have her seen by her pediatrician. Vomiting shortly after every feed, and almost diarhea-like diapers, plus low-grade temp warrants a visit. There is much risk for possible dehydration, and it may be more than just a virus. And with the recent outbreak of H1N1, you can never be too safe. I live in a small, rural community, and we have had a recent confirmed case here, so I am being especially watchful of my child for any signs of illness.
I hope your little one is feeling better soon!
Good luck!



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To see what sicknesses are going around in your area, check out the health map at It has real-time symptom reports from around the world.



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I am a wait and see kind of mom, but it sounds like it may be teething. My girls experience the same thing with teething and my youngest is going through this right now. For us, a red bottom is a tell-tale sign of teething.



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Sounds like a virus. Watch her and if it gets worse call the doctor. You should be able to talk to the nurse and get their opinion. I heard Tylenol was recalled. You may want to check on that too.

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