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Updated on October 22, 2010
P.L. asks from Ashburn, VA
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My daughter who is 4 years old starts learning piano last summer for a basic course. She told me that she likes both Piano and Violin eventhough she been mentioned with me that she likes violin since she was 3 years old. Now we decided to enroll her in the Violin lesson with the private class at the Suzuki studio in Fairfax county. it is a bit pricy for us. about 45$ per 30 mins. The teacher has been teaching for many years and very experiences. My daughter loves to go to class and wants to practice her violin lesson every day. My husband and I start concerning about the tuition because it is very expensive. We are discussing that we should change to other school for my daughter where it is lower price or we shoudl stick with the same teacher who my daughter has been learning. Do u think this price is normal or too expensive? do u know any place that provide good teachers for Violin?
since she like both piano and violin. should we enroll her to Piano and violin the same time?

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answers from Seattle on

Actually I think it does sound steep. Around here it would be $30 - 45/ 45 min. or hour.

I grew up learning violin in the Suzuki method from age 4-12 at which age I "quit for good". At 18 I picked up a violin and was exposed to new ranges of music. I fell in love with playing again. Having formal training at a young age helped me get to advance quickly.

On the other hand, I have friends who taught themselves to play guitar/accordion/violin/cello/drums/you name it in their teenage years who's talent far surpasses my own abilities and passions.

Your daughter sounds passionate about music! What a great gift you are giving her. Technique and method will really help her, but your support and her creativity will be much more helpful.

If you can't afford her teacher, I suggest you look for a really inspired musician to teach her in the Suzuki fashion: by ear until she is develop mentally ready to learn sheet music.

When she 'composes' her own music or just seems to melt into her music...encourage that. She will learn to love her talent.



answers from Washington DC on

Here in Fredericksburg the lessons are $25 for a half hour at Roberson's, the music lesson hall in town for many kids. There is another, I don't know the price per lesson.
My daughter studied under a very well known violinist for about 2 years. Then we moved to a high school senior who charged $10 a lesson.
We then moved to NC and I put her into a Conservatory which costs $255 a month, extra if you wanted to be in a concert, 45 minute lessons. We dropped that and she just played in the high school orchestra.
THE biggest mistake I made was at 9 or 10 I did not make sure she had piano. SHe is now a junior and can't read the bass clef.
My other daughter is in piano right now. She has also been in violin lessons.
I would hold off on piano until she knows how to read, say 5 or 6.
The guy in NC charged $95 a month., he prepared his students for the state competition and had many superiors. We pay $40 a month here in VA but this is a mom who is just doing it for fun, she does not send her students to state but is very thorough.



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Mom, call some high schools in your area and leave a msg with the orchestra teachers to call you ,assuming some have a strings pgm. Then ask the teachers when they call if they can suggest a very strong high school violin player who may be interested in giving private lessons at your home weekly. You can ask for Suzuki trained if possible. I did this for my daugher and got several calls bk from students who could give after school lessons weekly, needed lessons for my child on another instrument . The high school girl the closest high schools orchestra teacher suggested was an awesome teacher and so fun. We met her in advance at the library, I told her what I wanted for my daughter's lessons, my child was was in 4th grade at the time and this girl agreed to give lessons at her rate of $15 per hour ( junior in high school) at our home. My daughter really liked her and this girl was a wonderful teacher . She took lessons from her for almost 2 yrs until the girl left for college to be a music major. THis girl was going to use this experience on her resume since it was her 1st music teaching job. There was a coolness factor too for my daughter to be getting lessons from a high school student who was a great flute player in the orchestra. Hope this helps and good luck Mom.

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