Vinyl Sticky Removal on Letter Jacket

Updated on October 28, 2014
T.M. asks from McKinney, TX
6 answers

My mother stored my letter jacket in a plastic bag in her attic. The Texas heat obviously got to it and the sleeves are all sticky. Is there any way to remove sticky from vinyl once it hits that stage? I have tried washing w/ liquid soap and warm water but that didnt work. Thoughts?

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So What Happened?

The oil did remove some of the mess but it was still sticky. However, the Magic Eraser did the trick!! WOW I am amazed and my daughter now wants to wear my old jacket. Thank you for posting the suggestions!!

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answers from New York on

I tried white vinegar, olive oil, coconut oil. The coconut oil actually showed results after 5 treatment in a spot...but the white remained dull and slightly sticky. Stains where still there. Frustrated...I pulled out a Scotch Brite Dobie scrub pad and my Ole faithful pal "Bon ami"... Powder Cleanser. I have never hopped on to share any household tips ever. But my massage table turned pure white immediately while film coating at all. Looks and feels brand new. Kind of happy it was stored in it's carrying case, after 28 years of personal home use. Looks perfectly new. Not kidding you. No ddissappointment here!!!



answers from New York on

try the magic sponge thing by mr clean


answers from Norfolk on

My husband's letter jacket has the same problem. Over a long period of time, vinyl breaks down (I'm not sure if heat helps it break down faster or not - it might be just a function of time). I've been looking for answers too. One recommended taking the jacket to a good tailor and have the sleeves replaced.
I've heard Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might work.
"Magic Eraser is specifically designed to clean dirt and hard-to-remove grime from surfaces such as vinyl. If other cleaners aren't getting the job done, try Magic Eraser. The eraser is found wherever cleaning products are sold. Rub the stain, applying heavy pressure. Unlike rubbing alcohol, Magic Eraser requires no additional washing after use."



answers from Los Angeles on

You guys started me on my quest to save a vinyl-covered (expensive) massage table: it had been stored in a carry case in the hot garage for several years and was so sticky that cleaning rags STUCK to it.

I tried Goo Gone, with limited results -- it sort of 'knocked down' a layer, but your hand still stuck to the table. I tried Olive Oil with MUCH better results, but the awesome texture of the oil, which partially restored the surface, also hid a light sticky residue. Mr. Clean got SO dirty, SO fast, it was expensive and impractical to use it over such a large surface, plus the 'pad' shreds as the cleaning power diminishes, and it left an additional mess.

Then, I found the MIRACLE in my cupboard, and felt I should share, since you guys started me on this mission. It is called ADVANAGE (not 'T'), and this particular bottle is the Lavender scent. It says it has a patented surfactant, and I have used it for years. Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, also on the label. To order, go to, or call 800-323-6444. I am not sure how I originally found it, but it was on TV or through a child at the door or a vet who called -- something not 'run-of-the-mill', and it will not be found at your store.

AMAZING results, restored the original feel, and I am conditioning with the olive oil or grapeseed oil, in a test area, to ensure it does not become sticky again, then I will restore the whole surface! THANKS so much, mamas!!



answers from Dallas on

Try some Goo Gone. It's pretty good about getting rid of sticky stuff and it won't damage the vinyl.



answers from Dallas on

I would try baby oil, or I actually just used olive oil for almost the same problem.....I know it sounds odd but it works. It did take awhile but eventually it came off. Good Luck!

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