Video Monitor Recommendations?

Updated on January 31, 2012
A.S. asks from Portland, OR
4 answers

My son is almost 2 1/2 and we've been through 3 different video monitors. We started with 2 different Summer Infant monitors and then just tried the iBaby monitor they sell at the Apple store. Nothing works for us! And I'm pregnant so we now need to figure out something that will work with 2 cameras.

Do you have a video monitor that you love?

Our biggest complaint with Summer Infant was reception (interference with our Wifi etc) and battery problems (the monitor would die sometimes even when plugged in. They sent a new battery but the problem still happened.
The iBaby monitor app is buggy and just turns off or the audio won't turn on.

Please help! I keep reading mixed reviews and can't find one to buy that I feel good about. THANKS!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We didn't use anything marketed as a baby video monitor. We used security cameras. They come with a camera and a receiver. We bought 2 sets, and they are identical, so both recievers work with both cameras. It is set up with a camera in each room, set on a different channel. We have a receiver hooked to the TV in the living room, and the TV in our bedroom. Both receivers pick up both cameras (we just change the channel on the receiver to switch rooms to look at), so we can check on either child from either TV.

We bought them at Sam's Club, but you can pick them up almost anywhere. The only negatives were that we had to play around with the channels to find ones that didn't interfere with our WiFi, and that the cameras are in B&W, not color.



answers from Portland on

We are currently using a LofTek camera in my older DD's room. It's a wireless network camera, so it would work with your WiFi instead of interfering with it. Then you watch the feed on your laptop or your smartphone. We have another camera in my younger DD's crib (a Panasonic wired network cam hooked into a Apple Airport Express). I then use the iPhone app LiveCams Pro to watch the multiple feeds. Works great!



answers from Tulsa on

Avoid Safety 1st brand, our monitor's battery died after only a couple months, they sent a replacement, but that battery was defective and never worked at all. When I called again they told me to go buy a battery with my own money and they would reimburse me. I returned it and got a refund. We have a Lorex one now that we haven't had any problems with. It does have the option of having up to 4 cameras. We just have one camera, but so far it has worked with no trouble. It has a voice activated feature, but we just keep it on the power saver mode (audio all the time, video for 15 seconds when you press a button). The plastic is kind of cheap feeling, and the camera itself needs readjusting frequently (it moves when you turn it on or off), but it's gotten the job done. Good luck with whatever you get, after reading reviews on amazon, it doesn't seem like anything works great!



answers from Sacramento on

Hi A.,
Sorry, I don't have a recommendation. I used just a standard monitor with both of my boys and didn't have any problems. Do you need a video? My youngest is 2.5 (3 in March) and I have finally removed the monitor all together. I can hear quite well when he is awake!!!

Best of luck to you with your new addition too :)

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