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Updated on March 13, 2007
P.L. asks from Buckner, KY
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We have a pet dog. A male, white Pomeranian. The dog is my daughter's baby. I need a referral to a vet and dog grooming place. Anyone have a recommendation with good service and a positive experience.

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answers from Louisville on

I used to work at the Ky Humane Society ... I would recommend two places.

Shively Animal Clinic - pro: cheaper services, family owned; con: they do Not take appts, you will wait a long time

Dr John - he visits various Feeders Supply locations throughout the week & runs his own clinic. It is great taking our animals for shots @ Feeders - you have to wait an hour or so, but you avoid fees for office visits and his prices are reasonable - very caring staff.

Good Luck!

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answers from Louisville on

Hello! his is my first response and I know it is late but hey Im new and playing catch up lol. I use Dogwood Inn kennel for grooming andBridgeView Vet They are located in between jeffersonville and Charlestown AND they are great about setting appointments together.
Just thought I would share.

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answers from Louisville on

I love my vet and groomer!
Shelbyville Rd Vetrinary Clinic at Gene Snyder Xway and Shelbyville Rd. Hardly ever wait more than 5 min. and prices are very readonable, we've been going there over 10 yrs, love both vets!
Hai Max Grooming- Springhurst area very close to Tinseltown Movie theaters
I'm not sure seems a little pricey but I haven't checked around. I liked them because they let me stay with them them first time and my 2 dogs come away looking great and smelling even better!

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