Updated on October 07, 2008
C.E. asks from Norfolk, VA
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I was wondering if anybody knew of a good vet that was affordable. I just got a new puppy two weeks ago and He needs some booster shots soon but Petsmart Vet is all I know of right now?

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well thank you all for the responses, i appreciate it!!

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Hi C.,

I don't know where you live exactly, but I have 2 cats and I go to a vet on Airline Blvd, in Portsmouth. Their prices are pretty much the same that any other vet, but I like them, they take good care of both my cats.
Hope this helps!



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I don't know what area you are living but we use Courthouse Veterinary Clinic off of North Landing Road ###-###-####). We also have a new puppy and we really like the vet and staff there.

Good luck,



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I found a wondeful vet. They are located in Pungo though. It is a drive for me. About 25 minutes to get there. But they are fantastic. I have absolutely nothing bad to say. The doctors are so nice and very explanatory about anything and everything. I highly recommend them.



answers from Anniston on

The SPCA in Virginia Beach (Holland Road after you cross over Damneck) has great vets. My elderly diabetic cat was having costing us around $300 every 6-8 weeks for tests and visits to three different vets we tried...but we couldn't get his diabetes under control. Out of money, we took him to the low cost vet clinic at the SPCA and were more than pleased...he's 18 yrs. old now and his last bloodwork looked good. Dr. Figeroa and the other vets there are really caring and gentle, too. I don't know any vets in Norfolk, but the cost savings might be worth it to go to VB. They're really busy and sometimes the voice mail is full, but you can email them and they'll get back with you in a few days.



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My best advice is just be wary...most of the time you get what you pay for. Be comfortable with whomever you decide to see, even if you have to spend a little more or drive a little farther because they will be taking care of your new family member.



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If you call peta they do it for free or really cheap.

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