Very, Very Faint Positive Pregnancy Test.

Updated on April 18, 2012
A.G. asks from Pocatello, ID
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i just asked a question recently about whether or not my hubby and I should have another baby. Well we haven't talked about it since. Now yesterday I was at the store and decided to buy the equate brand pregnancy test just for fun. We use protection but have had sex a few times without a few weeks ago. I am still breastfeeding and haven't gotten my period yet so I have no idea when or if I have ovulated yet. So I took the test (both of them) and they had very, very faint positive signs. Like so faint I could just barely see them. it wasn't first morning urine but it was still a very faint blue line. I was kinda shocked. So today I went to the dollar store and bought another test. It can out negative. So....i don't know. Can you get a false positive ever? Or is the dollar store one just not as sensitive? I bought 2 dollar store test so I will take another tomorrow morning and see if the first morning urine helps at all. So what do you think? Could those first 2 be false positives?

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So What Happened?

Well I guess I'm not pregnant. I took the other dollar store test yesterday and it came out negative. So then I went and bought the first response 6 days sooner test. I took one last night (crazy right?) and it was a very faint pink line. But again like so faint almost not even there. Then this morning I did one with FMU and it still came out negative. So I'm not pregnant but I'm still kinda bothered by those first two test that looked like very faint positives. So yeah I guess no baby.

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answers from Houston on

This happened to me. I even called the company and asked. If it's positive... even so faint that you have to squint to see the lines... it's still a positive :)

I would wait 4 or 5 days then take it again.

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answers from Washington DC on

My 5 year old was the faintest line ever. He is hardly described as faint now though! That child has more life in him than anyone I've ever met!


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answers from Charlotte on

Start the pregnancy vitamins NOW for that folic acid. In another week, take another test with first morning's urine. I think you really are pregnant.


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answers from Dallas on

Use a test with PINK dye, not blue dye, and use a test with two lines (| |), NOT the +/- test. Research shows that the blue dyes and the +/- tests tend to be harder to read.

That said, a false positive is not likely. I would try another test with first morning urine, but equate brands are fine. I used those for both of my first two pregnancies and sure enough, they were true!

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answers from Albany on

I would be more suspicious of a false negative if I had pregnancy symptoms. I don't think you're as apt to get a false positive since the test is measuring a hormone. I would take one more test and follow the instructions exactly. The call your OBGYN. Congratulations. I have a couple close friends with their second (oops) child born close to their first. Two are 20 months apart, and another friend has 2 even closer. In both cases it worked out great for their families.

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answers from Detroit on

Each brand will have a different sensitivity, so it's possible the Equate tests picked up the hormone while the Dollar Store test didn't.

Like others have said, the blue line tests are not as reliable as the pink line tests. Go out and get either a digital one or a pink line test (First Response, or Answer) and take it tomorrow with first morning urine.

Good luck!!!

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answers from Detroit on

I was told, a positive as faint as it may be, is positive ... per my Doc :)

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answers from Dayton on

I agree, it is very hard to get a false positive.
However, if they are blue dye tests...they are notorious for having a chance of a false positive.
There is just something about the blue dye. :(
If you google it-it is all over the internet.
I would wait a few days and retest w/ a pink dye test w/ first morning urine.
Best wishes!!!

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answers from Madison on

Here is a sight that shows you different tests and different levels. But keep in mind if you test in the morning you have higher concentration also you can't just drink a bunch of water so you have to pee really bad to test.

Dollar store (more specifically dollar dollar tests are not the same.) tests do test for a smaller level of HCG which means they are very good if you use them corrrectly pee in a cup and then drop 4 drops of pee in the small hole on the tester and wait. They worked very, very well with all my kids.

Anyhow for those interested...stop wasting $$ on tests that work just the same as $1 ones

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answers from Dallas on

I've always heard a positive is a positive no matter how faint. Congratulations! :)



answers from Chicago on

Both of my pregnancies were very, very faint positives. Congrats!!



answers from San Francisco on

When I was trying to get pregnant, I had a couple instances where I had a super faint line for a positive result. I started to wonder if I was imagining it or just seeing what I wanted to see. It turns out both times, they were chemical pregnancies. When I finally did get pregnant (with twins), the line was very strong and obvious.

I'm not saying that every faint line means a chemical pregnancy. But you can have a positive result that doesn't necessarily turn into a real/full pregnancy. In my case, I got my period about a week or so after the faint positive result. Since you haven't gotten your period yet, it's not possible to tell how "late" you are.

I suggest waiting a few days and taking the test again. Or see your doctor for some blood work. They can tell from the hormone levels if it's likely to be real or not. Or in my case, they could tell that there was a good chance I was having twins since the numbers were so high.


answers from San Antonio on

Test again with FMU. It'll probably be positive as well.

Congrats. Looks like you're pregnant.



answers from Birmingham on

I used dollar store tests with both of my pregnancies and had no problem. A faint positive is still a positive. Sounds like you are pregnant!



answers from New York on

wait a few days and take another test.. if u wana be sure get a digital test, it was the best advice i got.. i asked this same question about 5 months ago and all the responces i got was a positive is a positive no matter how faint it is... u might be very very early on in the pregnancy.. i had the tests that if it was a plus sign it was positive if it was a minus its negative.. i took 3 of them, they all came out the same, there was a plus sign but it was very light.. so a day later i bought a box of digital ones.. i took one everyday 3 days in a row and they all sed pregnant .. good luck!


answers from Dallas on

all mine have been from the dollar store, the 1 dollar test, and they were all positive. And all true, so...



answers from Denver on

The way these tests work, you can get a false negative, but not a false positive. It's highly likely that congratulations are in order!

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