Very Very DRY Skin

Updated on February 18, 2007
K.P. asks from Apopka, FL
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My son has very very red dry cracked skin around his ankles. I have tried Shea butter and Aquaphor. Still very red and chapped. Any suggestions? I have even tried neosporin.



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So What Happened?

I went to Dr. finally after trying everything I could. Nothing helped any longer than a day. She said yes it is Eczema and gave me a steiriod cream and said I should get a good lotion for the rest of it. Also put oils in bath water because we have hard water. I am happy to say he is so so much better now. Thanks for all the comments.

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I am a rep for Arbonne. They have wonderful products that are pure and safe. They use only the best of science and nature in their products.

One of the best things I have used on my children is their Skin Conditioning Oil. If you would like to know more just contact me or you can go on my website and read more about the company and their products. I can also show you how to get everything at a 35% discount (which is what I pay)!

Hope this helps,

K. M.



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I've always had great luck with plain old vaseline (petroleum jelly). My boys always get a rash from their long sleeves in the winter and I use vaseline until the cracked skin goes away and then follow up with something like Lubriderm. Works every time.
Good luck.



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try pure olive oil. or vit.E oil.



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K., it sounds like it could be eczema. I use a lotion that is incredible for that (I work with the company that makes it). But also, many things contribute to eczema, including common household cleaners. You'll want to rid your home of harsh chemicals..that means cleaners, bleach, ammonia, those kinds of products. Even personal care items like baby shampoo, lotions etc can contribute to skin irritations and problems. Products without harsh chemicals can make a big difference to his health...and to yours too.

If you would like to know more, just let me know. I wish you the best!

Stayin Home and Lovin It! You can too!
mom to Noah



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Hi Kim!I'm a consultant with Arbonne, a Swiss health and wellness company. All of our products are herbally and botanically-based and free of harmful chemicals. I have a 4 month old and have been using our baby line on him from the beginning. I would recommend our Hair and Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Oil. If you are interested, I would be happy to mail you a sample pack. Just let me know!

These products are also known to clear up eczema, which some doctors actually prescribe steroids for. Has your doctor diagnosed it as eczema or psoriasis?

I'm in Ocoee, so I'm not far from you at all! Let me know if you would like that sample!

Take care and have a great weekend!



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Has he always had a skin issue? Does he have rashes anywhere else on his body? If so, he could be allergic to dairy products. If he's on cow's milk based formula, switch to an organic soy formula. Are there any solid foods he has tried recently that could have caused the reaction? Have you switched detergents?

You really don't want to keep masking the symptoms by covering his skin in creams. Those are good short term solutions, but you need to get to the bottom of the root cause



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This may sound a little strange, but you may want to try "Bag Balm". It's actually used for cow's udders, and can be found a feed stores. My mother used it on me when I was young, when a sickness caused my skin to dry and peel. It's the best thing that I've since tried, but you may want to contact your pediatrician first, since your son is so young.

Good luck!
M. S., mom of 18 mo. old son

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