Very Slow Leak of Amniotic Fluid?

Updated on February 16, 2011
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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So I have been leaking something or another since this afternoon, every 15 mins to hour it feels like a very small dribble. It is not the mucus plug or the pregnancy discharge--it is clear and watery--but very little. I am about 37 weeks. I can't "smell" anything even though I've read about a sweet smell. I fell on some black ice yesterday very hard on my side/butt so I am worried that maybe I developed a small tear. The leaking didn't start until over 24 hours later though (I think). Anyone else had this? If so, how did you figure out what it was or maybe it is just pee? I was actually on my way to my OB appt when I fell and they did a fetal stress test and both baby and I are fine. Now one day later and leaking... sort of....hmmmmmm.
Ack--it just happened again. It almost feels like I just worked out and my underwear is sweaty. I know that is gross but that is about how much of it there is. Not much but there for sure and I think it smells sweet. Ack. I am smelling my underwear! This is gross!

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So What Happened?

Went to the hosp last night. The tests were inconclusive. Very strange. It could be a pinprick sized hole that is only leaking very little. No contractions, no signs of labor, thank goodness-nothing that says baby needs to come out now.. Back at home and doing fine and just monitoring things.

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answers from Fort Collins on

Go call back the doctor and ask for a Nitrizine test.But you might just be in labor too.It is not always a huge gush for everybody.Some woman just dribble some water out before labor start.Congratulation and keep up posted.



answers from Dallas on

Get a hold of someone ASAP! Loosing amniotic fluid is a very very bad thing. If you can't get a hold of anyone, go to the ER.

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answers from Honolulu on

Yep, sounds like your water broke. That is how both of my labors began, with that super slow leaking (see if it happens more when you do a kegal or stand up from sitting, sneeze, etc) It's wonderful that it is clear and odorless. Sometimes it can be straw colored. It can smell sweet, but it's just as likely to have no odor. Clear fluid means happy baby. Go to L&D and be prepared for them to be skeptical until they use the litmus paper. They don't like your water to be broken more than 24 hours, so I would get in tonight if you are not contracting and want to have a vaginal delivery. 37 weeks is term, and odds are baby will be 100% fine and able to go to your room with you. Good luck, let us know!

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answers from Orlando on

Honestly the best thing for both you and your baby is to head to the ER. They will do a simple NITRIZINE STRIP test which will let them know if its just urine or the actual amniotic fluid.

Your bladder in birth becomes pushed beyond its capabilities... hence why we pee ever 5 mins. Sometimes in pregnancy it will leak. This isn't an issue just annoying. If after labor urine still leaks when you laugh, sneeze ect then a urologist consult should be made.

HOWEVER... if your amniotic fluid is leaking is can cause problems. Just like they tell you if your bag of waters ruptures stop everything your doing and go to the hospital or see your OB, this same issue applies.

Usually if baby is term and amniotic fluid is leaking induction is started...

I dont want to scare you, but you should go to the hospital.

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answers from Chicago on

Your ob can do a quick test with a litmus strip to determine if it is amniotic fluid or discharge or even urine. If it is amniotic fluid, the strip will turn a bright color and he/she will know right away.

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answers from Denver on

I am hoping that by now you are packing up your things and heading out the door. My first experience with what you are talking about, I felt the same way, wore a pad to keep from getting my undies wet, and documented everything for my ob (I had an appt already scheduled the first thing the next day so I didn't go in right away)... they admitted me immediately and I was only at 28 weeks, gave me some magnesium to prevent delivery for 72 hours to get my daughter up to speed. My 2nd experience, I had my twin boys within 36 hours of noticing the fluid (again early - 34 weeks). So... I would STRONGLY recommend going straight to the hospital. Congrats... you will be seeing your baby real soon!!!

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answers from Cleveland on

Call the hospital that your doctor is with and talk to the labor and delivery ward they will probably have you go in and do a test to see if its fluid or pee (this happened to me and they did a little test strip to see if it was fluid or water) and put me on the moniter for a while luckly it was just pee

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answers from Columbus on

Please go to your doctor now and have it tested now. Don't wait. If it's amniotic fluid, this is a possibly serious thing.

A cautionary tale: My SIL was leaking amniotic fluid starting at around 5 months and told to her OB/GYN. He said, no it's just urine, and he did not test it to verify what it was. At 7 months, they did figure out it was amniotic fluid. My SIL was put on best rest in the hospital for a month, and my niece was born 6 weeks premature, septicemic (a blood infection, bec. the amniotic sac was ruptured and bacteria got in), with severely clubbed feet and a dislocated hip with no socket because she had basically been in the womb with no amniotic fluid for her legs/hip to develop normally. She almost died 2x in the first 24 hours. .... All because my SIL, through no fault of her own, trusted a doc to do a simple test which he did not do.

The happy ending is that while she has some issues with her hips and legs (and will for the rest of her life), she is a happy, healthy high school senior.

But please, go now and have yourself & the baby checked out.



answers from Pocatello on

I bet it will be soon now and I doubt you will make it to your due date... CONGRATULATIONS!!

All my babies were born at 37 or 38 weeks and completely healthy!



answers from Salt Lake City on

You are 37 weeks, so it's totally normal. Even if your tests were inconclusive. I agree that you get to go home and just monitor things. A slow leak is nothing to worry about at 37 weeks. It will either stop (amnoitic sacs can heal small holes) or it will continue and you will go into labor. Yay! That's exciting. I'm glad your hospital took good care of you. Like you say, you can do a non stress test if you are nervous, but other than that, 37 weeks is ok if baby decides to come on it's own. Sometimes the staff gets overly nervous and induces you. So I'm glad things turned out the way that they did. Congrats soon!



answers from Denver on

It could be 2 things, amniotic fluid, or just vaginal mucus that is leaking. If it is a slow leak at 37 weeks you are still constantly making more amnio fluid. Just take it easy, stay hydrated and be happy. Have you lost your mucus plug yet? If not, then it's just vaginal fluid.



answers from Washington DC on

Please update us -- I just now read your post (9 hours after posting) and my immediate thought was, if I were 37 weeks and leaking anything at all I would be in the emergency room immediately, not stopping to post here, not even stopping for my bags!
Please let us know what happened. I am assuming by now you've gotten medical help because a leak at that stage could be either the start of labor or the amniotic fluid --which could potentially be devastating.


answers from Austin on

Ha.. Just call and let them know what is going on.

That really could be your water.. My water broke 3 weeks early and I was in denial till I called my doctor and he insisted I go ahead and go to the hospital.. I kept insisting I was not in labor, since I did not feel anything.. He told me, "L., if you do not get here within an hour I am going to call an ambulance and have them pick you up."

My husband and I went and when they checked me I was in labor.. still did not feel a contraction for another 6 hours, even though they were showing them on the monitor.. did not have discomfort till the last 4 hours of labor..


answers from Modesto on

I believe your water broke :)



answers from Minneapolis on

This happened to me during my first pregnancy. I called the OB and I came in and the test was inconclusive but they were still worried. Did and ultrasound and baby looked fine. They had me lie down for an hour to collect the fluid so there would be enough to test. Sure enough after an hour it came back positive and I was admitted to the hospital and was induced. I was completely not ready since I was only 35 weeks pregnant. So please make sure they test it again to make sure. They gave me antibiotics since I was unsure how long it had been leaking and they did not want to risk infection.



answers from Houston on

your fixing to pop congrats

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