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Updated on February 01, 2009
S. asks from Dallas, TX
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My seven year old daughter's lips have started looking very red the past day or two. We have even asked her a couple of times if she has lipstick on (which she is not allowed to wear). Now, I'm wondering if it indicates a health problem. She suffers from severe constipation. Could she have an infection that causes her lips to turn dark red? Thanks for any help. I'm not finding much on the internet.

Also, any ideas to help with constipation beyond Miralex? TIA!

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Is there any chance she has a fever? My lips get darker when I have a fever, often before I even realize I'm sick. Just a thought...

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Has she been licking her lips? My 5 yo has began licking hers and it makes them bright red. Just a thought! I have been trying to keep my daughter's coated with Aquaphor as that is what we use in place of chapstick. Since then, the redness has gone away as long as I can keep her from licking them.

Good luck!

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You might try looking in her mouth to see if she has a yeast infection. If so, there will be a coating on the walls, tongue and roof of the mouth with a white cottony substance. They call it thrush in infants. The doctor can prescribe a medication she can take to get rid of it. Also, yogurt eaten each day will help get it under control and keep it under control.

As for constipation...fruit and fruit juices. Lots of water. Prunes or prune juice is best. But peaches, pears and pineapples or apricots are good....canned or fresh. No bananas or applesauce for the time being. Make sure she's getting lots of fiber in her diet....whole wheat breads, cereals with lots of fiber, beans, veggies, etc. along with the fruits.

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Several years ago I had an allergic reaction to a new lip gloss I had tried. I had hives on my lips, they were very red, and the swelled to 2-3 times their size. Has she used anything different, or any new foods maybe? She could be having an allergic reaction to something. If it were me, I would call her pedi tomorrow morning just to make sure everything's ok.

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