Very Gassy Newborn

Updated on June 17, 2016
A.H. asks from Lake Forest, CA
7 answers

My 7.5 week old is having an extremely gassy tummy today. It's to the point where he's screaming out in his sleep and grunting. It has never been this bad before. He is formula fed - Nestle Goodstart Natural Cultures - with one of the best formulas out there. It's worked fine up until now. He does have a slight cold - congestion and a slight cough. I gave him saline drops in his nose last night to break up the congestion and I'm wondering if that is what is causing him pain today. I've given him mylicon drops and gripe water, which normally work, but don't seem to be today. His pediatrician left at 10:45 this morning so no help there which really irritates me. Any advice would be appreciated for this new mom who doesn't know what to do!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My girlfriend had a gassy newborn and her dr. recommended pepermint tea in his bottle. My experience says that little tummies works the best. My pharmasist friend gives it to her baby premtively before meals because he is prone to gas and she says its perfectly safe.



answers from Los Angeles on

Poor Kid!
Well for gas, I alternate these things: Have my baby do 'bicycles'-moving her little feet like she's riding a bike; rub her tummy in clock-wise circles; and swaddle her.
Gas sucks! Moms rule! :)
I hope he feels better soon.




answers from San Diego on

Hi A., there are drops for gassy babies, I'm not sure what it is called, but I had to give them to one of my daycare babies, that was breast fed, the foods the mom was eating was causeing a lot of gas in her baby, and she gave me some drops and it soothed him right away. J.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.:
You've recieved some good responses from some caring moms out there. You must feel somewhat helpless ,with your Dr. out. I can tell you, that my Grandson had some real issues, with his formula. We discovered that the iron in his formula was to much for his tummy to take. We put him on one with less iron and he did great.You may want to ask your Dr about the posibility .Congrats and I wish you and your new beautiful daughter the best.



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hey A. im a massage therapist and i got freaked out with my son cause e was real bad. my grandma tld me to slowly bend his knees into and out of his stomach which was good, then my aunt said to lay his bare tummy on yours and pat his but it worked and i did both and gave hi gas drops soo... i hope this helps jen



answers from Los Angeles on

maybe try some little tummies laxative drops. i would do it a couple times a day like in the morning and then if he didnt pass a movement then do another dose that afternoon. to me it sounds like hes constipated. i would mix the little tummies into the formula (because it is very messy and stains if spit out). if that doesnt work i would suggest a pediactric suppository. for a baby you have to cut it into fourths and insert and hold 1/4 of one in his rectum for like 10 mins. then diaper him up and wait. what also helps with gassiness is to peddal their legs like a bicycle. also what my mom did with us when we were little was warmed up a couple ounces of water and put a tiny amount or baking soda in it (baking soda will break up gas). good luck! i hope this is helpful!



answers from Springfield on

Babies magic tea settled my newborn who was extremely gassy and fussy all the time.

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