Verizon Fios Reviews Please

Updated on October 24, 2009
C.R. asks from Rowlett, TX
5 answers

Hi moms. We waited with much anticipation for Fios to come into our area only to be so disappointed with their customer service we pulled out of our order for service before it was even installed.
We are now reconsidering service with them mainly for internet service and would be using them for phone and TV as well.
If you use them would you please give me your input and tell me what you think about them?
Thanks so much!

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answers from Dallas on

I know Verizon is coming to our area and some neighbors are excited about it.

We've had Time Warner for years. Always had good service, very few outages.

We will not switch if given the opportunity.



answers from Dallas on

1. They came to US asking to install the service/lines in our yard with a great sounding deal. Took them FOUR months and I kid you not, 16 phone calls before this happened.
2. We dropped the cable but kept phone and internet. When the analog to digital thing happened, we called them to get the cable box back. They stood me up twice over a period of three weeks. This was another 5 phone calls, including one where I begged them to let me meet one of their trucks with a box on it somwhere and they told me NO. Needless to say, we never got the cable turned back on.
3. They "re-started" our billing cycle twice mid-month, basically resulting in double billing.
4. The final straw that had me believing our household simply could NOT be Verizon customers was when our great dane chewed through the wire to the oustide box. When I called they informed me it would be a $50 trip charge plus $30 per every 15 minutes, plus the cost of materials. And that it would be between 2 and 3 weeks before they could schedule this.

I called Time Warner Cable at 5 pm that night, and amazingly enough, they were able to set an appointment for the very next morning between 10 and 2. They showed up 5 minutes early. And I've never had to call them for anything. Admittedly, the quality of their product is not near as good as Verizon Fios, but I cannot justify spending that much money to torture myself with those people ever again.

If you do it, good luck!



answers from Dallas on

We had Time Warner for years and when Fios came to our area we switched and absolutely LOVE it. I highly highly recommend it!!



answers from Dallas on

We had TW & switched to Verizon. It was awful! We were constantly going out, sometimes it took more than a day to fix, customer service was terrible, & it was NO different than TW. Now, that we've cut the service off, the police come to our door at least once a month because they never fully cut it off & it calls 911 randomly. I wish we'd NEVER switched.



answers from Dallas on

We recently changed to Verizon for FIOS and LOVE it! Their customer service is beyond awful but the services themselves are fantastic.

Internet: The fact that I uploaded a photo book that was supposed to take 2+ hours (it was a big book) in less than 40 minutes sealed it for me. Honestly, I don't notice much of a difference otherwise, but my husband works from home and it has made a HUGE difference for him.

Phone: Eh, it's a phone.

TV: We had a big increase in HD channels and, again, I don't notice but the picture quality according the one in the know (my husband) is better.

We haven't had any outage issues.

FIOS priced out to be about the same we were paying for Grande each month but now we have far more channels and a faster internet. We had a few issues at set up and with porting our phone number but considering the uselessness that is their customer service, even that went relatively smoothly.

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