Veins in Daughter Very Visible..?

Updated on February 25, 2011
J.M. asks from Lansing, KS
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A couple of days ago I noticed the veins on my daughters ankle seemed to be kinda sticking out, didnt really think anything of it at the time. Tonight I was putting her to bed and all of the veins on her legs are very blue and very visible (looks almost like it could be marker but I know its not). I have never seen them like that before ever. She also has the stork bite birthmark between her eyes (never went away at about a yr old like they said it would) well it is also very very blue compaired to its normal color. Im kinda freaked out by this. Are the veins being highly visible all of a sudden something to be concerned with ?? I have never seen them like this before. Thanks

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So What Happened?

Well I called her Dr today and they said that it was normal and not to be concerned. Im going to take their word for it for now but keep watch on them and make sure there are no more changes with her veins (and ask the next time she is in for a visit). She is 6 for those who asked about her age. Thanks ladies for your anwsers.

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My 4 yo son is very fair (blonde, blue eyed). He had a stork bite at birth, and it's still visible to this day. You can also see his veins through his skin as well. This is common for fair children and people. I wonder if they are more visible now since it's the dead of winter, and her skin isn't exposed to the sun as much. My son's are pretty visible now, but will fade some when summer comes and his skin gets a little darker. At any rate, I would mention it to the pediatrician if you are really worried.

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answers from Honolulu on

Since this is all new and different 'symptoms' from how it is normally..... I would take her to the Doctor, pronto.

Or, take photos of it, so you can show the Doctor, in case it changes in appearance or something.


answers from Las Vegas on

I'm not exactly sure without seeing it but my ankle veins stick out a lot. Is her pediatrician concerned?

Is there any swelling? If there is or if there is a way to know if it's painful there may be a blood clot somewhere.... that's what I've heard. When my vein popped or whatever you call it, the vein around that area swelled so it stuck out more and it was very very blue. My tip off would be that it's in one ankle and sudden... strange. I'd try to get her an ultrasound on her ankle to see if it is a busted vein.


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How old is your daughter? Babies and the eldery have very thin skin, and they can be very veiny or even marbly when the cold weather hit. I am super white (red hair and freckles gene, thanks dad) and I joke all the time about being 'see through'... you can literally see my veins go from my wrist up my arm!! (I also glow in the dark, LOL!) If your daughter is very fair and fairly thin, then this is probably totally normal, like it is on me ;)



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I would def call her DR today to ask their opinion. I do suffer from blood clotting disorder. When I have blood clots, my veins do protrude and are very visible. The area of the blood clot is also warmer to the touch then the rest of my body. I think I would call to have them take a peek, better safe then sorry. Good Luck and God Bless.

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