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Updated on July 30, 2013
N.L. asks from Willow Springs, IL
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We are heading to Vegas in September for my milestone birthday. We have been there several times, but it is always changing. This time we are going with some friends that have never been there, so we are looking at some nicer restaurants. Has anyone been there recently and is there a restaurant you would definitely recommend? We don't want to pay $50 for a meal, but also don't want Denny's quality.

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answers from Las Vegas on

There are all kinds of places to eat in Vegas for under $50. You don't mention where you will be staying and if you have transportation.

Grand Lux - Palazzo
Grand Lux - Venetian
Hash House a gogo - Caesars
House of Blues - Mandalay Bay

Firefly - off the strip Recently firefly was closed for several people getting sick. They relocated and it is my understanding their quality and service is now excellent. My daughter recently went there to eat, however, I cannot bring myself to eat there. I have eaten there many times in the past and love their tapas. They serve $5 - $6 plates, you order everything separate.

There are all sorts of choices, just look up the hotel you are staying at on line or go on Trip Advisor.

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answers from Phoenix on

I highly recommend hitting a super nice restaurant for lunch! My BFF and I go to Vegas every year or so and always have lunch at Mesa (Bobby Flay's restaurant in Caesar's Palace). The food is amazing and the bill is much better than during dinner! You could get out of there for $35 a person, but eat $100 a person quality. Another great one is RM Seafood- they have a casual area and a "fancy" area, and the prices in the casual area are quite good. Hit the really nice places for lunch, maybe one buffet for dinner, and for the rest of the meals stick to less expensive options. There is a burger place in the Cosmopolitan that is great called Holstein's.
Eating in Vegas is one of my favorite things :)



answers from Sacramento on

Take a look at reviews. They're super in situations like this one.


answers from Washington DC on

Even Outback on the strip is $50 a person....sorry....

The better restaurants that are NOT buffet's? You need to OUT and OFF of the strop - that means taxi or rental car....

There is Lotus of Siam - which is AWESOME Chinese food - it's on Sahara.

Good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

Strip Steak at the Mandalay Bay is amazing! They are around $60 per person but I swear I have never eaten a betterr steak anywhere! Have fun!

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