Updated on November 02, 2006
D.M. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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I'm wondering if anybody knows a great website to find a hotel room in Vegas. We're going for a Wedding...not one of those chapel on the strip ones either. It's been in the works since May. Now we have 18 days to find something. Anybody have advise a room they haven't used??? HELP!!!

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answers from Las Vegas on



answers from Las Vegas on

Where is the wedding (what part of town). Are you looking for something near the wedding? Are you looking for just a clean, comfortable, basic room or are you wanting to spend a bit more to get perhaps a nicer room? What dates are you looking for? Will you have a car or will you be walking & taking taxi's everywhere?

I was born & raised in Vegas and I worked for several years in the hotel industry =o)



answers from Las Vegas on

From a blossoming entrepaneur to fellow mommy, I live in Vegas myself and can tell you that you can't really go wrong anywhere. The longest commute you will have to make would be 20 mins tops, that's if traffic is crappy.

I have a website that has a search engine comparable if not cheaper to all the others. You are more than welcome to check it out!

Good luck!



answers from Great Falls on I just got back from there a few weeks ago and I highly recommend the RIO!



answers from Anchorage on

Vegas is the one place I've never had a problem finding a room.

You can do priceline, or travelocity if you want to compare several at a time.

I've stayed at just about every hotel on the strip and none of them were bad.



answers from Phoenix on

go to I found that has alot of great hotel airfare and shows packages I like there prices. they have it good.

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