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Updated on August 06, 2010
P.L. asks from Ashland, MA
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Hi Moms. So I'm thinking about getting an LL Bean Rolling original backpack for both my boys (7 and 4) for school this year. I hear they have great quality and if anything happens to it you can exchange it for a new one. I'm wondering about others experiences with it for lasting through the school year and the summer for camp (and how many years it usually lasts). Also wondering about the weight of it (4lbs6 oz) and how, if at all, that affected your kids. I'm thinking since both boys are driven to school and they can wheel it into the building....that the weight shouldn't be an issue.... Again - just looking for some thoughts about the backpack itself and your experiences with it before I go and put all that money to it. thank you!

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answers from Detroit on

I love the llbean backpacks!! I never tried the rolling ones, my 4 year old has the more traditional one. She carries it fine and will grow into it very soon anyway. I have had a llbean backpack for at least 10 years now and it is still going strong and still my favorite backpack!!

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answers from Boston on

Hi! My son, now going into 4th grade, has had the same LLBean rolling backpack since half way thru 1st grade after his other no name pack fell apart. I highly recommend the pack and he's done fine with it -- rolls it to the bus stop and then into the school. And if it's too snowy or slushy; it has straps so that it can be wore like a "regular" backpack. The only thing about it is if your school has lockers, it may not fit into the locker.


answers from Raleigh on

L.L. Bean's quality is like no other! I didn't have the wheeling backpack, but growing up I did have the traditional, and my traditional backpack lasted 8-12 grades no problems! You are right that if there are ever any problems you just send it back and they send you a brand new one! Well worth every penny you spend!


answers from Spokane on

I do not know about the backpacks specifically but all 7 of my kids and nephews have LL Bean duffle bags for their luggage! My oldest kids are 18 and 15 and have had them since they were 5 and, that's 13 years and they are in great shape! We have used them for everything from rustic camping to regular trips where they have been both checked baggage and used as carry-on luggage! The are very sturdy and in my opinion way worth the $...I bet they will last all the way till your kids' enter High School, or at least until they want to pick a different "style"!



answers from Boston on

My only concern would be are there any stairs they have to go up. That might be a little tough on your 4 year old if he needs to get it sup a flight of stairs.



answers from Boston on

You might want to ask the school if the rolling backpacks are allowed. At my kids school they can not have them. If they are allowed you might want to find out where the pack will be stored during the day. If they will be in a cubbie, hanging on a hook or on a chair. There might not be enough room. They could get tripped on when the kids are in line. Will they have to go up any stairs? The weight might be an issue then if they have the pack with a lot of stuff in it (lunch, change of clothes, snow stuff, school stuff). You are in MA so it will get rolled through the snow and rain. Is that OK with you? I usually just go with a simple backpack they can have on their back. The one I bought from Old Navy for $10 5 years ago we are still using.


answers from Boston on

Check with the school and see if they are allowed, first of all! They can't be used in many schools where the kids have lockers or even cubbies because they don't fit. Only kids with medical issues who can't carry a backpack can use them in many districts. I don't think little kids carry that much weight anyway - it's more a problem in high school when they have a zillion books!



answers from Boston on

After having about three cheaper 'character' backpacks fall apart within a year, I finally bit the bullet and got my son the more expensive LL Bean rolling backpack about 2 years ago and it's still going strong! We live in MA and it has lived through all kinds of weather. It can also carry it on the back as well, just make sure to tuck the straps back in if it's being rolled afterward; if not, the bottoms of the straps can get worn away (they do warn you about this on the backpack). Although this happened to us once, all I had to do is call the repair hotline and they sent a new part free of charge. Their designs are pretty subtle as well, so I didn't have to worry about my son growing out of that year's trendy character. It also fits fine in his locker, which he has to share with another child. I would have your 4 year old try it out in the store since the rolling backpacks are on the larger side. Something to remember with all backpacks...don't embroider your child's name on it! It gives out the name to strangers who can then pretend to know your child. Better to do initials to differentiate from other backpacks.



answers from Columbus on

My kids are not in school quite yet (my oldest starts preschool this year) but going back to when "we" were in school, it was a treat to get a new bag every year. It was like the ultimate achievement to earn our book bags of our choosing. Like I said, this is our first year with school stuff, but our son has been practicing his name all summer and his reward was him choosing his backpack. BTW.. he choose Tranformers, hehehe. Anyways, before I would spend the money maybe ask the boys what they want (as in type) of book bag they want.

Good luck....


answers from Hartford on

I love the LL Bean products and they have excellent customer service. If you can get to a store to try the backpack, I would recommend doing that to see how comfortable your son feels pulling it or putting it on if needed. Eventhough they are driven, they will have to lift it into the car or up any stairs if needed. I have to say that I thought my son would wheel his everywhere, but he actually puts it on more - I think he can move faster with it on his back than pulling it. In hindsight, I don't think I would have gotten a rolling backpack, but he loves it and I think the quality is great. Ugh - a reminder that school is right around the corner....

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