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Updated on August 11, 2009
J.P. asks from Valencia, CA
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Hello - Does anyone know the name of a doctor that will deliver VBAC at Providence St. Joseph in Burbank or Providence Mission Hills?

Was told by my OB/GYN today to look for someone else so they can "release" me and "transfer all my files immediately" if I wanna go this route.

Thank you!

Thanks for your answers so far - I live in Valencia and the local Hospital Henry Mayo will not allow (but of course has no official ban.) My OB/GYN referred me to Sylmar to the Community Hospital, but I am hopeful I can last an extra half hour in the car to make it to another hospital. I have called St. Josephs and Missions Hills and they both said they allow VBAC which is why I listed these two hospitals. The catch is I have to find a OB/GYN on my own since my doctor will not refer me. Once I can get a few doctors names I can check with my insurance, the hospitals will accept my coverage.

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I'm assuming those are the hospitals that your insurance will take? If that's the case, call the Labor and Delivery unit at the hospital and ask to speak to the charge nurse. Ask her if VBAC's are done there, and which doctors are supportive and committed to the process. Also, PLEASE consider contacting a doula to help you with your delivery. They are an excellent resource as well in many ways. The midwives group at UCLA or the midwife unit at Kaiser Baldwin Park are excellent places to deliver your VBAC baby as well. Go to The Birth Survey as well and look up potential doctors. God bless you!



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Providence St. Joseph is Burbank DOES NOT ALLOW for VBACs at all, doesn't matter the doctor (something I think is HORRIBLY wrong with healthcare these days...) Anyway, locally, you have a couple options. There are several doctors out of Glendale Adventist who will perform a VBAC birth, there is Sedars or Good Samaritan hospital as well which each have doctors who will perform VBAC.

Doctor Selena Lantry is the only one I know by name at Glendale Adventist as that's who my cousin used for her 3 VBACs. There are others however as she is a very busy doctor so the complaint I've heard is long wait-times for appointments, etc.

Good Luck and good job standing up for YOUR rights!



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This might be too far for you, but Dr. Dwight at Good Samaritan in Downtown is amazing and will take you. Its a great hospital too. But Im sure there are many more doc's that will help. good luck!


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You may want to look into midwife care in your area and/or UCLA Midwives. Good luck!

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