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Updated on October 27, 2008
L.C. asks from Lake Villa, IL
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I am 14 weeks pregnant with # 2. I had a c-section with my first b/c his decreasing heart rate from contractions(was given petosin b/c my water broke) and I didn't dilate fully. I have done a little research on VBAC's and feel I am a candidate. However, my current group of OB's(Lake Forest OBGYN)is trying to discourage me from having a VBAC. I was told by one Dr. that there's a 70% chance of me delivering vaginally and another Dr. told me only 50%. The last OB focused on all the bad things that could happen. After talking to a friend, I think they are saying this b/c if there was an emergency Lake Forest couldn't handle it? My question is which is riskier... VBAC or another C-section.. If I am seriously thinking a VBAC, should I switch to a Level 3-4 hospital? If so...any recommendations? Evanston? I live in Lindenhurst, IL. Any advice/help is appreciated!

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I have a friend who was in the same situation with a LF group of OBs. Maybe the same, huh? They're actually right, OBs don't have a great VBAC success rate. Midwives have much higher 80+%. I went to Kathy Puls who practices out of Evanston to have VBAC. My opinion is that she is more open to intervention than some midwives, but takes a more natural approach to birth than an OB. Google her, she has a website. I was monitored but not bed bound at Evanston. I walked A LOT and took several showers.

Check out ICAN, a c-section awareness group. Also, there's a holistic birthing meetup that would be helpful. There's a message board on mothering.com that is supportive.

You'll have to fight for a VBAC even though it's probably a very safe option. I was alarmed when I found out that I had a higher chance of having an autistic child (1:150) than rupturing my uterus (1:100). Kinda puts things in perspective.



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Hi L.-
My first child was C-section. 3 years later, with the strong encouragement of my doctor, my second was VBAC. But 4 years after that, with my 3rd, the tune had changed (2002). They were no longer recommending VBACs. Due to liability/malpractice reasons they don't want a higher risk of lawsuit.

Since I had already had a successful VBAC, they were OK with trying it again. Everything was fine.

Good luck either way, but know that with the VBAC they will monitor you like crazy and you will be bed-bound for the entire labor.



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I had a VBAC five years ago with my second child. My first was breech and required a c-section. It is a difficult decision but I can honestly say it was the best decision I could have made. I think Dr.'s due to lawsuits,etc. have to give you all the facts. They have alot of liability with that decision. I feel they want it to be totally your decision. I delivered at Highland Park Hospital with Dr. Becker. They have practices in Highland Park and Long Grove. Not sure if they have added a location. Once I made my decision they supported me and gave me all the info I needed to watch for with a VBAC. As soon as I went into labor I went to the hospital and was monitored the entire time. It really was a totally different experience for me. As you research it you will read many a horror stories. I would guess there are just as many for c-sections. Good luck in your decision.



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I think it is great that you are thinking about having a VBAC. My doctor was all for me having one when I was pregnant with my second. My doc. and my attitude were, why have surgery if you don't need to, especially when you already have a toddler running around at home and the recovery for a c-section is much longer and can be even harder the second time around. Unfortunately I went into labor with my second on a sunday, and my doctor wasn't on call that weekend. The doctors who were there were very antiVBAC and kept telling me, between contrations, how "risky" it was. Really a VBAC is easier for the doc. and they don't have to risk a law suit should something happen during it. Though I remember hearing a similiar speech from the doc. right before my c-section the first time around, cause it is surgery and any surgery is a risk. I had to go talk to a different doc when I was pregnant to hear the pros and cons of having a VBAC. With that said I think must traditional doc. Encourage c-sections second time around for their own sake a little more than for the moms sake and if you are healthy and your pregnancy went well I would get a second opinion.
Good luck.

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