VBAC After C-sections (3) - Miami,FL

Updated on April 13, 2012
E.B. asks from Miami, FL
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Has anyone had a VBAC after 2 or more c-sections? What was your experience. This may be an option for me this time, but I'm still reading into it and thinking about it. Can you share with me please if you think it was worth it or not? Thanks.

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answers from Atlanta on

I have three friends who all had very successful VBACs after their first children were born. Two of them even gave birth at home -and one of those babies was REALLY big! However, since you've had 3 c-sections, I would really study why you've had them. Were the last two simply because you had one the first time, so the doctor automatically scheduled them, or was there a medical/physical reason for them? That would be my decision maker right there.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I had one and one. Successful VBAC, but after 3 C-sections you have to ask a couple of questions: why did you have three c-sections? If there is a reason why each time you may be a more high risk pregnancy and shouldn't risk it. Have a long frank chat with your doctor, do your research, learn the odds. Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

http://vbacfacts.com/quick-facts/ - since there is a lot of misinformation out there distributed by friends and OBs alike. To date, I have not read any sound research that shows an increased risk due to the # of c-sections and a VBAC.

Many OBs will tell you that they will "allow" you to try to VBAC, but really have no intention of doing so. Go online and find reviews and talk to people.

Watch this - it's SO inspiring!


Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I had 3 safe, healthy VBACs after 1 C-section, and I know that I vastly preferred the 'normal' birth experiences to the C-section. They were calmer, and I was able to spend lovely quiet time with the baby right away pretty much, awake and aware, and with much less pain and tenderness. With the last pregnancy, I developed gestational diabetes, and was still able to deliver naturally.

My advice, if you want to try it this time, is to find a nurse midwife connected to a supportive group of physicians. And read Henci Goer's book "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth". Be very clear and unemotional as you look at the medical indications - there can be cases where a VBAC genuinely isn't safe, but if your previous incisions have healed well, your health is good, and your little one is cooperative, I don't see why it should be considered.

Best wishes for a joyful pregnancy and delivery.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a friend who wanted a VBAC after 3 c-sections. It was impossible for her to find a doctor or hospital that would allow it. There simply wasn't one. If you run into the same situation, you will probably have to look into birthing centers and midwives. That's what she did, and she did manage to have a very difficult VBAC. She would have rather had another c-section. BUT, I know plenty of people who have wonderful VBAC stories, so please don't let that scare you!! Really, though...you will likely have to open your mind to alternative birthing centers, because hospitals don't really do VBACs after so many c-sections.

WHY did you have c-sections? That could matter greatly in anyone clearing you for a VBAC. Where they emergencies, and physically giving birth would cause you or the baby danger?



answers from New York on

We're attempting VBAC this time. According to my OBGYN, if you have had c-sections because of what they call "Failed trials of labor" then they would discourage attempting VBAC. If the reason for the sections had nothing to do with whether or not you "could" deliver, then they will allow you to attempt labor.

Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

#1 question: why did you have c-sections? This is what you need to be researching...the reasons, the causes, & how to medically deal with the issues. Work with your ob in making this decision, even on the research end of it!

I had one c-section in between 2 vaginal births. The c-section was directly due to the baby being in stress, & that stress was from severe & extensive heart/lung defects. It is a miracle that our daughter survived birth.

With our sons, both deliveries were stressful upon the baby. With my older son, we were down to the last moments before addressing moving to a c-section. His #s were dropping, & he was a broad-shouldered baby. Even with a pit drip, his movement was slooooow due to my body being unable to progress!

& actually all three deliveries were pit drip-induced. Soooo, that makes me wonder what was up with yours! If your body doesn't move quick enough, then the baby will end up in critical stress. Honestly, after 3 c's, I'm not sure I would even want to risk it! :) Wishing you Peace....



answers from Cincinnati on

My SIL had three successful VBAC's after one emergency c-section. She is the only one that I know of, and she didn't have any adverse consequences.



answers from Detroit on

Check out ICAN -- http://ican-online.org/
Lots of good info and resources there, and you've already gotten some great advice below.
Good luck!



answers from Miami on

E. - C. from Ft. Lauderdale again. I am the chapter leader for the ICAN of South Florida chapter. Would be happy to help! Message me directly. Our next meeting is 4/24.


answers from Washington DC on

I had an emergency c-section in 2005. I had my last baby in 2007 and opted for a c-section. The thought of a VBAC scared me, even though my doctor assured me it was fine and she could handle any complications if they arose. However, once I chose a c-section for my last one, she told me if I had anymore I'd have to do them c-sections. This was 5 years ago so things may have changed.

Plenty of people do VBACS successfully, I just didn't like that small chance of the incision ripping and causing problems for me or the baby.

Good luck! You'll make the right decision for you!