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Updated on April 12, 2007
F.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi, We are TTC our second baby and I am seriously considering the option of VBAC this time. I had an emergency C-section with my first which was a disappointing experience. I am looking for any advice from other moms out there that have done VBAC or considering the option. Are there any childbirth clinics that you would recommend? Also any OB/GYN's in the Flower Mound - Irving area that are supportive of this option? Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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Rudy Tovar at North Texas OBGYN in Lewisville is supportive. I had planned to do VBAC after my first planned C-section. However, at 39 1/2 weeks with no dilation and in complete misery I just said "TAKE HIM OUT!" even though Dr. Tovar was willing to induce and let me have a go at the VBAC.
Sometimes I regret it, but I guess there's no reasoning with a massive, miserable pregnant woman.



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Dr Audrey Graham is the most successful VBAC doctor in the metroplex. She delivers at Baylor, so it's a bit of a drive... but it might be worth it!



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The VBAC question has been asked on mamasource before so you might try to search old posts to get more info on local docs etc.

All I can say is I had 3 babies, 3 different ways. The 1st was an emergency C section, the 2nd was a VBAC with NO DRUGS! (not intentionally, she just came out fast), and the 3rd was vaginal with the IV pain killers only.

So it can be done and done safely. Just make sure you have a doc that supports it and knows what to do if there's any complications.

With the 2nd baby, they did not let me push too much, and they used a suction forcep. I guess it's safer than letting you put stress on the c-section area. The 3rd one they weren't worried at all.


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It depends on the cut of the cesarean. From my understanding there arre I think 3 or 4 different ways this cn be done. horizontal and vertical cuts on the stomach and uterus in a variety of ways.

There is one that absolutely cannot be done vaginally, but I'm not sure which. I think you need to educate yourself and go with what is safest for your baby.

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