Vasectomy Recovery: How Long for Husbands That Do Maual Labor (TMI Sorry)

Updated on August 28, 2010
L.R. asks from Rhinelander, WI
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How long did your hubby take to heal from a vasectomy my husband works on cars for a living he had a vas. last thursday, and he came home today in pain from rubbing an burning he got the two seperate incisions done. He doesn't have a lot of bruising and the incision doesn't look too bad just bubbled up a bit. Did any other men who do physical labor have to stop work and if so for how long. He just got the job a bit ago so do disability insurance or anything so for him to be out of work with my being a SAHM is not going to be easy. I hate to see him suffer and hate to have him go back to work with being in so much pain. I guess we are looking for reassurance that this wont be much longer. He is just on day 6 of recovery and he is the only income. We are thinking that he just hasn't been supporting the area well enough.

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So What Happened?

thanks everyone for the info we are waiting on a call from his doctor about the issues. I did go and and get much more supportive underware for him and just with that he is feeling better so hopefully. LOL I have of course mention how I delivered 3 kiddos with no medecine and had to do some pretty extensive reconstruction after my second in that area. But of course it is NOT the same. lol Hopefully he will get better soon! Now a week and two days after the surgery he is doing great, still a little pain but nothing bad he says now that there is better support there :)

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My husband was a truck driver and was off work 3-5 days- don't totally remember- but he was up and going pretty quickly.

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My husband is an electrician. He had the vasectomy on a friday night. He went back to work the following monday. He didn't do any heavy lifting. But took advil or whatever. He did have some big swelling the first 2 days. But by Monday the swelling was gone. Still very bruised area. They had him do like when you have a baby and he had to put an ice pack down there for pretty much the whole weekend off and on. Also wore tighty whitey underwear not boxers. it does need to be supported. And no other "activity" for about a month lol. If it continues much past the time your at then he needs to go back to the doctor. He may have an infection or something. Shouldn't still be in so much pain. you can remind him that you pushed a baby the size of a bowling ball thru a hole the size of a marble and got up and moved around and took care of house and baby etc.... without moaning lol.

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My husband had a vasectomy last wednesday afternoon and was off of work Thursay and Friday and went back 1/2 days Monday and Tuesda. Today, Wednesday, was his first full day back and his job is somewhat physical (not like your husbands) and he did find that if he wore a jock strap to work it did give him enough support and it made things not as painful, he had the support needed to heal. Good luck and hopefully he feels better soon!



answers from Anchorage on

My husband is also a mechanic, he works on planes. He took the day of off (Friday), and the weekend, and was fine on Monday to return to work. If your husband is having issues still he should talk to his doctor.



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I think he should have the doctor check him out to make sure he doesn't have an infection or anything.
All the men I know said their vas was a breeze compared to how worried they were about it.
A fireman, a mechanic, a CHP officer, a truck driver.
A couple days of light duty was all that was required, usually scheduled so the weekend was downtime.
I'm pretty sure, unless his surgery was botched or he's gotten infected, disability isn't going to cover a vasectomy. You have a week's waiting period after you even file and he should be fine by then.
Ice packs. Tidy whities. Get a follow up with the doctor.

Best wishes!


answers from Saginaw on

My husband had one about a year ago. He had it done on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. And he's an his job is also physical.

I would have him call the Dr or go back to the Dr and make sure everything is ok.



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From the 4 guys I know that have had it doen (all working at Costco so pretty manul labor) It took them about week to feel fine. Dr all told them 3 days they could go back to work but all ended up being out a week. If he isnt feeling better in a couple of days I say call the Dr and have them check him out just to be on the safe side.



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he should wear an athletic supporter all day while at work. An ice pack each day during lunch break and after work for about 30 minutes should help the swelling and pain. My husband had this done, missed only 2 days of work, and he works commercial construction, driving equipment, and lifting heavy things all day long. I remember him saying the ice helped tremendously and Aleve saved a lot of missed time from work. It will get better. If it's not better in a couple of days, he should probably go back to see his doctor to rule out infections.



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My husband had one a couple of years ago and it was on a Thursday or Friday and he was back to work by Monday with no pain. His doctor didn't do it right the first time and had to try it again. He was extremely sore the first day. He works construction so when he returned to work he wore the tighty whiteys for a few days. He had no pain or problems with lifting anything....we had 1 infant and a toddler at the time of his and he had no problems picking either of them up after a couple of days of rest.

I am concerned about the part where you said it is a little bubbly...I would suggest getting it looked at also for infection.

I hope he feels better soon.


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You are awesome! Sounds like some infection and pain. Tea tree and thieves essential oil may work for the infection and promote healing as well. Adding some copaiba would help to lower any inflammation which is often the cause of pain. Hope your family get's relief soon!



answers from Atlanta on

My husband had one about a month ago and doesn't do physical labor, but he did have a resurgence of pain about 5 days afterward. The pain had basically gone away -then it came back for a few days -then it went away permanently. Did the doctor discuss not lifting certain amounts of weight for about a week? The doctor told my husband -"No heavy lifting" for two weeks afterward. Support of the area is KEY. My husband went out and bought tighty whiteys to replace his boxer briefs for more support. I know some men use a jock strap, so he may want to do that.



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They usually can get back to normal pretty quick. Can I ask if the procedure was done by an urologist or a general practioner. Many times when men have complications it was not done by a urologist. The next question I have to ask is has he obeyed the no ejaculation rule? There should be no sex or no masterbation for 2 weeks. If he at all has felt the need to "get relief" in that fashion, it will cause exactly what you are describing. The reason they say no ejaculation is because the VD is already inflamed just from the procedure and when you take the pressure behind an ejaculation, it tries to push through an already swollen tight space and therefore inflames it more and some of the fluid actually gets "stuck" there. The reason Ibuprofen and ice packs help so much. The 2nd thing I would question is his underwear. Briefs and boxer/briefs work far better for support than boxers. If he is just wearing boxers, the groin sac hangs and often is irritated by the inseem of the boxers. 3rd Since he works on cars he is probably moving in and out on a board underneath the car. It may require him to twist his waist a bit as he is sliding under the car or putting the car high enough to keep him from doing so much scooting. The flex legs with back and fourth motion can also cause irritation. Hope this helps.



answers from Buffalo on

My husband had his done in Feb. and it took 2 weeks. The reason for this is because during the 1st week he did not have enough support. He should be waring snug bekini underware or athletic support. My hubby wares the tighter short version of boxers and that was not enough. He has yet to show 2 negetive tests in a row.

Tell him support and a cool compress might feel good after working all day.
Mortrin for the pain and inflamation

Good luck and call you Doctor if you have issues or questions he is the best to comfirm issues and recommend actions.


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My ex had it done and it took him 2 weeks to get to where the swelling went down and he wasn't in serious pain. He worked on airplanes at the time and when he went back for his check up after a couple of days, the incision was infected due to sweat, etc.

Keep an icepack on the scrotum when you can to reduce swelling. Have him wear tight fitting underwear but change them often. and please please go see the dr if it's been hurting and swollen for more than a week. That could mean there's a bigger problem and regardless of his only income status, its either miss a day because of an apt or miss a week because of infection (or worse).

Sending good thoughts your way...

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