Valley Child Care Center @ 75th/Deer Valley

Updated on July 05, 2006
K. asks from Peoria, AZ
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My 19 month old son is starting daycare on Monday, 6/5 at Valley Child Care Center at 75th Avenue and Deer Valley. Just wanted to see if there are any opinions on the center. Thanks.

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Hi K.,

My little girl went there for about 6 months when she was 3 and she loved it. They are very good with security measures and seem to be very good with the kids. My nieces, ages 16 months and 4 years are both going there now and my brother and sister in law are happy with it as well. Best of luck to you. Always hard to have to leave these little ones.



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Hi K.,
My son attend Valley Child Care Center for just over a year and they were great. I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness. The teachers were really great and showed lots of patience.

Good Luck!



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Hi K.. I'm sorry but I don't have any experience with Valley Child Care Center but I also have a child (almost 18 mo) so if you are ever looking for a play date or someone to talk with please let me know.



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My children did not attend as toddlers, but started when they were 4 for preschool. My daughter went there first, my son started a year after my daughter left. It was nice to see the same directors in charge and many of the same teachers. I looked at other preschools before my son started there and wasn't as happy with any of them as I am with Valley. I also have friends who have children who have attended other VCCLC's in the Valley who are just as happy. Let me know if you have any questions.

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