Valentines Craft Ideas for Under 2 - Littleton,CO

Updated on February 11, 2009
J.H. asks from Littleton, CO
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Hello Ladies -
I watch a little boy who is almost two, four days a week. I wanted to work with him on making a special Valentine for his mommy. I have looked online and am finding it hard to find anything that is even really close to his skill level. Maybe this won't work out, but I was hoping some of you might have suggestions for something I can work with him on.
Any ideas would be great except for a handprint in clay as I am already working on a monthly collection for her Christmas present.
Thanks as always! Jessica

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Hi J.~

When my daughter was that age, she did two different simple Valentine's Day projects. The first was to decorate paper doilie hearts. She used foamy stickers, regular stickers, and glitter glue. For the second project, we bought small (4" x 6") flat canvasses at Michaels and she painted them and then decorated with stickers, etc. She wasn't into finger paints, but he could finger paint or use a brush or sponge. It was a bit messy, but so worth the final product, which we were able to frame. Have fun!

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With my 2.5 year old, I had blank cards (inside and out) and matching envelopes. She used stickers, glitter and paper hearts that I had cut out previously, as well as some paper doilies, and decorated the cards that we sent to her cousins and some friends. She loved it, and had a grand time doing it. And they turned out cure.

You could also decorate an inexpensive picture frame with foam heart stickers, and put a picture of him inside. My daughter at that age loved stickers--and still does, and did a good job sticking them on things.

Good luck!



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When my son was that age we made some great valentines for his preschool class. I had him paint a large piece of stiff paper with red/pink/purple colors and then I traced a heart cookie cutter and cut out hearts that were stiff enough on their own. You could also paste it on another card if you want. The scribbles were cute but the heart shape contained it and made it prettier.



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I use this website for all my crafts... It has all different ages in it. I watch a little boy who is almost two also and I mostly have him color the pages (I sometimes have to help his hand)and I put together the craft. If it has enough room I put his handprint in washable paint on the back of the craft for his own "real" personal touch.

Good luck! Keep in mind, Mom's love just about anything that represents their little one!



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Allie does some great crafts and ideas. She's done a Valentines special
I don't know how appropriate it is for your little one but might be an inspiration.



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Hi J. - you might have to do the cutting, but your little friend can easily place stickers, use stamps, make fingerprint stamps, finger paint, even foot paint.

You could help him decorate a paper heart picture frame with a digital picture of him inside. How about getting a big piece of art paper that he can fingerpaint in red and pink. When it's dry, he can stick on hearts or cutout valentine messages. He could sign it with a big purple handprint.

Parents like anything their kiddos make!

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