Valentine's Day Party for 5Th Graders

Updated on January 28, 2009
S. asks from Joliet, IL
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Hi Moms. I am in charge of planning my 5th grade daughter's classroom party for Valentine's Day. Here is my problem...what kind of craft/activity can I do with girls and boys that are 10/11 without being too girly and getting all of the eyerolls from the boys?? Any suggestions?

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My 5th grade students all loved to play "friendship bingo" (or whatever you want to call it). I made a blank chart on the computer and copied it for each student. The number of squares depends on the number of students in the class. The students would take a few minutes to write each classmate's name in a separate box. If there are extra boxes, I just had my students duplicate a name. They each got a bunch of candy hearts for markers. When someone got bingo (row, column, diagonal, you decide), they won a small prize and the chance to be caller next game.

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You could fill a glass jar with red M&M's and have a contest to see who can guess the amount. It does take a little while to count out a few hundred M&M's. I did this at X-mas for my sons 5th grade class, unfortunately school was cancelled that day due to the weather.



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Check out Family They have lots of great ideas for crafts & snacks. Their most recent issue has fun ideas for Valentine's Day. My 5th grade daughter is making the ipod valentine for her friends. You could use it for a project instead. Have fun!



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You could decorate boxes to put the valentines (or anything else) in.

You could have each child bring in a box with a lid and maybe parents can donate magazines. The kids can cut out pictures from the magazines to decorate the box. This way the boys can do "boy" boxes and the girls can do "girlie boxes." They can paint over the paper with Elmer's glue, which forms a seal over it. The girls can add glitter or rhinestones, the boys can add metal washers or screws and bolts.

They could also make picture frames out of that craft foam. It's easy to cut, and again the boys could make boy frames and the girls could make girlie ones.

Hope that helps a little!

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