Valentine's Day Party for 10 Year Olds

Updated on February 13, 2009
D.B. asks from Hallsville, MO
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My son's Room Parent called me last night wanting ME to help with a craft for the Valentine's Party. Little last minute here..plz help! I think they're a little old for a craft. What about a cool game idea? Dunno, so stumped! What to do??

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So What Happened?

Okay, so I was the ONLY mama in there! Grant it there was a dad but he sat the whole time. The party was great though and I am so happy she ended up calling last minute. Nobody else would have been there! So we played "Honey, if you love me, smile" and a relay where there was 2 teams and it worked perfect for boys vs girls and they LOVED that idea. I did end up having to play on the boys team because a boy there couldn't chew gum per mama! It was great though just sad because it's the last one to ever do with him!! :( Thanks to all you ladies that sent me ideas! Women really do stick together in times of need!!

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Game ideas - 2 pairs of gloves - wrapped candy - 2 teams
give each team a pair of gloves - each child gets a wrapped piece of candy. First person on each team puts the gloves on then go. They try to unwrap the candy when unwrapped plop it in mouth take off gloves give them to the next person and so on until the team finishes.

Cut out hearts from tissue paper. Cut straws in half. you can do teams or just have fun with it. First person takes heart and pulls it up to the straw by inhaling. Next person takes it from 1st person same way.

Do a balloon pop. blow up balloons and they sit on them until they pop. this on is a very quick no brainer.

Get the boxes of conversation hearts and give one to each child. When you say go they open the box and stack the hearts. first one to stack all the hearts in the box wins...........

We did crafts through the 5th grade. But I think it is a little late to plan for that one. Good luck and hope this helps.

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Without anything in front of me all I have is this (I'm at work)..

Craft (kinda cheesy for 10 year olds) Cut out approx. 3 inch hearts out of cardstock/felt - fold in half symmtricly (sp?), place succer inside with stick pointing out of the small end, glue/staple (whatever works with the material you use) around the succer. Glue a jiggly eye on each side & you have a heart Valentine mouse.

Games - You will need straws, small candies & bathroom cups(souffle, just small) Each child receives a straw, cup, & a certain amount of candies, using only the straw (sucking on it)they must get all of the candies into the cup. It's usually good for alot of laughs

relay - divide into teams & have enough gum for each child to have one piece they have to run to the other end of the room, chew up the gum & blow a bubble before they run back to the next person First team done wins, you can add gloves to make it harder/funnier

Divide into teams/groups - You can take construction paper hearts and put a song on one side and the artist on the other (you can use movies/cartoons & their characters, nursery rhymes, lyrics etc.) Do this to several. Cut the hearts in half symmetrically & the teams have to put all of the matches together correctly

Pictionary - You come up with a list if things for them to draw. the team drawing has 60 seconds (or whatever you decide) to guess if tehy don't guess the other team gets a one shot guess. Who ever guesses gets a point, if noone then no points, & either way it's the next person's turn.

Hope these help! I will try to find more crafts tonight.

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Good Morning D., WOW Jennifer has a LOT of Great Ideas for you. The only thing I could come up with is a game sort of like one Jennifer mentioned.
Make enough Hearts one for each kid, write a cartoon character, Zoo animals, movie star, singers, some one from History's name on it. Then tape one to each kids back, during the course of the party they can ask yes or no questions only, of each other. Am I a real person? Do I live in a tree? Am I famous, Am I still living? Did I make headline news for History etc..
The first one to figure out what they are wins.

It's really a lot of fun, we used Bible characters for Sunday School party's. I like a variety of characters and objects.

Have a blast
K. Nana of 5



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I don't know how much time you have but this my favorite thing to do with kids that age...write valentine stories--with a twist! The kids had to glue in the conversation hearts (candy kind) when they wanted to use those words instead. So part of it was written and part was glued candy hearts. It is too cute!!! It is very fun and you'd be surprised how creative they were! I never had a kid write anything inappropriate (we did a quick review of that beforehand) and the stories are delightful! Some kids are slow at writing and others get really into it, so it may be too time consuming...good have lots of cute suggestions!



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I did this when my daughter was in 4th grade....test their couple knowledge" Give them numbered list, read off "cinderella", her other half is "prince charming". You can do it for all kinds of couples......Obama/Michelle, Tim Mgcraw and Faith Hill, Lady and The Tramp.....Beauty and the Beast, and such. Good Luck!



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Maybe you could try the old stand-by, Vanlentine's bingo? We used this as a way to take up time. The kids chose their own numbers from 1-20 and used conversation hearts for place holders. There were prises for diagonal lines and a BIG prize if you got an x??....although not a craft, huh?
Maybe a picture frame? They could use a school picture and put Valentine stickers around it? Michaels has them on sale now.



answers from Topeka on

What a lot of really cool ideas they have already come up with for you!!!
You could always fall back on the old standby of games like Charades....divide them into two teams and give each group selections of "valentine couples"....Mickey and Minnie, Lady and the Tramp....George and Martha Washington...mix real and fictional.Have prizes for everyone..maybe something a bit nicer for the "winning" team but give something to everyone.
Have fun!!
R. Ann



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We did our's yesterday and we let the kids make their own sundaes (sprinkles, cherries, chocolate etc.) and then we did limbo with kisses.