Valentine's Day Gifts

Updated on January 23, 2013
L.B. asks from Cheshire, CT
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Hi Moms - Hoping for some ideas. My birthday is right after Valentines Day and previous bfs have just given me one gift for both so I get essentially nothing for V day. My husband now kind of goes more extreme and buys me actual presents for both. I keep telling him a card a a flower are fine. Don't need candy. What do you all get for V day? What do you get for hubby? Looking for ideas....

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answers from Albany on

My birthday is the day BEFORE Valentine's Day, so I get it. I generally get a present for my birthday (something small ish, since Christmas was just 6 weeks ago...) and then flowers (carnations, please!) and candy for Valentine's Day. One year (before kids and pets) I got a stuffed dog as a "reminder" of the dogs to come.

One thing we NEVER do is go out to eat on Valentine's Day. Service is lousy, food is cold, etc. We go out on my birthday, and combine those two celebrations into one, and then I cook something we all (DH, 2 DS's) like for dinner on Valentine's Day itself.



answers from Tampa on

Well last year I got a tattoo:) it was my daughters foot print, her birthday is feb 9. This year I'm getting him a tattoo shhhh! LoL...but other then that ill cook a nice dinner, we don't have family around so it will be a night in. If I'm lucky I will get some red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I never got a Valentines gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift or Mother's Day gift from my husband. He hands me down his iPhone and provides by paying the bills and basic needs. I've accepted this as being okay for over 10 years since I always tell him I don't want things but I realized that it's not that I wanted things, it that I wanted him to think of me anyway instead of saying, Oh, she said she doesn't want anything so I'm free.. whoohoo! I guess that's girly brains for you.

I think it's great that he gets you something even if you tell him not to. It means he isn't getting it because you expect it of him, he gets it because he wants to get it for you and that's a good thing.

I'm a different story, I spend months thinking of things to get people. For him, he has money so he buys himself everything he wants so one year I made him bacon roses and breakfast in bed. I personally think this was awesome as it stands:



answers from Washington DC on

Roses and a card and maybe jewelry if he sees something I might like. I'm quite happy with flowers. We also often get take out or go out to dinner (usually with the kid in tow, so it's not fancy - we have other date nites for just the adults). For him? A card and something small, usually. We don't go all out for Valentine's Day.


answers from Phoenix on

We always go out to eat on the weekend before or after Vday (whichever we dont' have the kids, when they are at our ex's). Our tradition is we try a new restaraunt we have never been to. That has been a fun experience.

If Vday falls on a day we have our kids, I make a special dinner for the family and our tradition is chocolate fondue with lots of yummy things to dip. It ends up costing a fortune but its the only time of the year we do it and the kids really love it.

Hubby ALWAYS buys me a nice piece of jewelry for Vday. I usually buy him some nicer clothes or cologne. Of course we love each other every day of the year, but Vday is the day we can really show it so we take advantage of that. lol =)


answers from Hartford on

I usually make him his favorite fancy dinner and buy him his favorite junk food candy. He usually will get me chocolates and flowers, although more often than not my daughters steal my chocolates. We've often gone out to lunch together some time during that week when the girls were all at school so that we didn't have to rely on someone to babysit for us, although once in a great while someone does babysit for us so that we can go to dinner or a movie.

We really just want the acknowledgment. He's much better about V-Day than he is about my birthday or Mother's Day, so I do look forward to it each year. We don't make a huge to-do about it and never have, but we do try to have fun with it.



answers from Los Angeles on

I think a relationship dies when you stop celebrating such holidays (even though, yes, it is a commercial trap).

We do a fancy restaurant dinner.



answers from Kansas City on

We don't take V-Day too seriously around here, but I always enjoy flowers, so Hubby usually has flowers sent here during the day. Sometimes he'll come home with flowers too, but he's gotten into having them delivered so I can have a surprise during the day.

Our wedding anniversary is just two weeks later so that is part of it, and I'd much rather him do something for that, so we make V-Day more about the kids. I don't get my husband more than a card and maybe some candy. I think last year maybe I delivered some lunch and cookies to him at work.

This year though we are going to be in Mexico! Woot Woot! So I'm not expecting anything this year except some time on the beach! (and no we are not going to Mexico for V-Day. We are taking a vacation with some friends)



answers from Los Angeles on

We went out for dinner a few times in our dating years & it was just so
over-rated & over-priced.

Now I make smething yummy. I've made steak w/sauted onions, shrimp, double stuffed baked potatoes w/a small fancy store bought dessert.

I have purchased him tools, gaming device paraphenelia he wanted, gift
cards for his sporting equip for his hobbies.

Now that we're married with kids & I'm a SAHM, I need to save $ so I just get him a magazine subscription of his choice, a bar of good chocolate (more masculine than a heart shaped box) or some of his favorite snacks to put in his lunch box like Corn Nuts), stick a note in his lunch box to have a great day at work).



answers from New York on

My birthday is the 3rd, and my youngest's is the 13th, so I know what you mean. Add in the fact that IS basically a Hallmark holiday, and it's a terrible night to go out to dinner (in terms of price, wait times, etc., especially when you're paying a sitter by the hour!). Then there's the fact for me that I just don't want a stuffed animal--to me, they are for kids, and I am trying to purge our house and lives of extra "things" these days. I don't remember where I originally saw or heard the idea, but I LOVE the idea of celebrating family that day. Because all my kids are my sweethearts too. Then you can be as creative as you want--I usually get my husband a nice little box of chocolates from the local chocolate shop--and we share them after the kids are in bed! He usually brings home a bottle of wine. We either order in or eat at home. I buy each of the kids a little box of chocolates (cheaper ones, like you can get at Target or Walmart). Maybe this year I'll make red velvet cupcakes, or buy them if I'm feeling lazy, lol. Happy bday/vday to you!


answers from Dallas on

We don't really do big things for birthdays, valentines and Christmas.

When there is something we want or need, we just buy it and give it to each other at that time instead of waiting. Hubby has given me a very special car and gave one to daughter as well. He provides well and we appreciate him.

Now, my hubby will get a rose or something for me and some candy for our daughter for Valentines, on Mothers Day we go to a special brunch at the country club and for Christmas he does give me a gift. I do the same on his days because even though we personally don't celebrate like some people do, we feel the need to make sure daughter recognizes special days.

I had a friend once who had biniculars delivered to her hubby in his office around lunch time with directions to look at a certain hotel room across the street. When he did, she was there in the barely nothings with some goodies and they ended up with a long lunch that day.!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Usually we get eachother nothing and just go out for a nice dinner together. We have been married for nearly 13 years. I get my kids each a little box of chocolate and sometimes the kids get me candy too. My birthday is 2 weeks after V day so I'd rather get a gift then. :)



answers from Chicago on

We do not do anything now, it is a hallmark holiday anyway. We did something while we were dating but have not since we got married. We would rather show our love throughout the year, rather than on a designated day.


answers from Dallas on

My husband has gotten me things on both ends of the spectrum. From walking shoes to jewelry to nothing but a card. We try to do something romantic if our budget allows (even if it's just cooking a nice dinner at home with some movies and dessert). Last year we went to a beautiful B&B, had dinner in a quaint town and wine while taking a bubble bath in the huge tub. This year, I don't know what we will plan since I'm now a SAHM. I'm hoping to at least go to dinner but I won't be too disappointed if we don't. I can't expect anything when I'm not working and bringing home any money. He always at least gets me a card, though. He works this year so IF we do anything it will be the week before or after. I will cook him dinner for V-day night, though.



answers from Chicago on

We don't exchange gifts on valentines day, and we buy little things for birthdays.

Hubby will bring me flowers and ill make a nice dinner. That be that.



answers from St. Louis on

Hubby ususally takes the kids out and lets them each choose a card for me. Then I get some pajamas, magazines, candles, chocolate, etc. One year I got chocolate a dozen roses...but he knows I prefer flowers on NON major holidays - cheaper and more spontaneous!

I have gotten him a variety of things (honestly can't remember ANY of them right now). This year he's getting a gift card to New Egg, some chocolate, something from a Pure Romance party I'm going to this weekend (wink wink) and then a bottle of his favorite liquor - Maker's Mark.

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