Valentine's Day Craft Project for Preschoolers

Updated on February 11, 2010
H.B. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am in charge of coming up with a craft for my daughter's preschool class this Friday. There are twenty children in the class and I will have to coordinate the project, supply everything and show them how to make it. Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks a bunch!

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HI H.,

I suggest looking at Family Fun's website for a craft idea. It's a FANTASTIC website filled with so many great ideas for entertaining kids. If the teacher isn't planning to make Valentine mailboxes to put all the cards in, I think this would be a useful craft for the kids to keep their cards all in one place.

Oh.... I thought I'd come back to your post to add another useful site to go to. They have templates for the projects and many crafts are very easy to do. I also loved using this site when my kids were young to customize behavioral charts and bingo games.

Have fun!


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FLOWER with the picture inside....
I saw this in better homes and gardens. then my daughter's kindergarten class made them for us for Parent's Appreciation day! It might be hard to get pictures of all the kids, but the web site has lots of other suggestions...

Good luck!



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Tons of stuff on the internet! Just google "Valentine's Day crafts for preschoolers." I just led one for my daughter's kindergarten class that was a hit: either precut or have them cut out hearts. Let them put dabs of paint on one side of the heart, fold it over and smush. Resulting blend of colors is thrilling!



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My son is about to turn 3 and my daughter is 7. This worked well for both of them:

I bought pre-cut foam harts (about 3") in assorted colors from Michaels, along with some pretty scrap-booking paper. I cut the paper into 4.5 inch squares (or thereabouts) and had then glue the hearts to the paper. We added beads, tissue squares and stickers to embelish the cards. On the backside they can write the "to" and "from" or you can write it for them.

It was super-fast. My dd is not crafty and she made about 50 in an hour. She was able to be creative with it, too. My son had fun gluing and putting stickers on. No paint to clean up made it a quick ending, too, when we were done.

Have fun!



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Heart shaped sugar cookie decorating! You can buy different color sprinkles and frosting. They will have a blast. When they are done, they get to eat their creation.



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We are doing the same! We decided to take two paper plates, punch holes around the edges, and use yarn to "sew" about 2/3 of it together and then make a big strap above the open part. The end result is a valentine's mailbag. Pretty easy. We will be bringing stickers and markers and stamps for the kids to personalize each mailbag.

Last year we made mailboxes out of shoeboxes. We covered them in kraft paper, cut out a hole, used a brad to attach a red mail-flag to the side. They came out really cute but were a lot more labor intensive. The Party Mamas did all the wrapping and hole-cutting prior to the party. Plus we had the added logistical issue of getting a shoebox from everyone.

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