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Updated on February 11, 2010
L.F. asks from Greeley, CO
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What do you wives get your husbands for Valentine's Day? I have always had a hard time choosing gifts for men. Thanks!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I always go practical. If he needs jeans, or a work shirt, or socks, then that's what I'll get. BUT, I'll also go to Target and buy a pair of lacy little panties to stuff in the pocket of the jeans or shirt. No need to spend lots of $$ on the panties. They don't seem to stay on very long, if you know what I mean!) Good luck and have fun with it!

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answers from Pocatello on

Men always love anything to do with sex! LOL, It is true, we all know it. This year I found an awesome gift at Borders book store, it is at the Valentines display. They have a whole bunch of coupons etc for husbands and wives. The best one was a book of post-it notes that clue your dude in that you are in the mood! Each post it is different, they say things like "let's do it where we can get caught" or "i bought some new lingerie, meet me in the bedroom" and they have cute pinup girl pictures on them. Not only are they hilarious but I really think my husband will appreciate me initiating things for a change. Throw in some candy and you have a great gift for under 10 bucks. good luck!

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answers from Great Falls on

I go for silly. I will get him a pair of Valentine boxer shorts (he likes to sleep in them) and I'll go to Spencers and get some silly "adult" game. But, my hubby has been referred to as a "stick in the mud" and he needs to be silly sometimes.

I will also make a special supper and he LOVES molten lava cakes. So, I'll make some of those for him. I go for little things that make him smile.

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answers from Jacksonville on

My husband likes books, so the most recent book that he has shown any interest in, or something by one of his fav authors is always a hit. That, coupled with a box of Turtles... which is one of the few sweets he likes..

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answers from St. Louis on

I usually try to find something I know he's looked at over the last year or something to do with Nascar. My man's pretty easy to please This year is a couple t-shirts from the Boondock Saints movies and last year was a leather Nascar money clip embossed with his favorite driver's number. Good luck finding that special something for your special guy!

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answers from Denver on

This year I got my husband a gift certificate for couples dance lessons. We've talked about taking a dance class together for years (something fun, like swing dancing or salsa), but with two little ones we never have nights to ourselves to do something like that. So, I figured a gift certificate would give us the motivation to get out and do something fun together that we've always talked about, but never actually done.

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answers from Nashville on

Nothing makes my hubby happier than being surprised by me in some nice lingerie from Victoria's Secret. ;0) Probably because it just doesn't happen very often. It's hard for me to spend money on stuff like that, but every now and again, it's worth it. Keeps things a little spicey and that's nice after 10 years of marriage and two kiddos.

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answers from Denver on

I usually make something or do something fun for my husband. Our first year together we were doing the long distance thing...I made him a valentine box like the kind we made in grade school and put little notes in it everyday for approx two weeks with message of memories i had of us together or times i thought of him throughout the day.

When we moved into our first house, we needed a new mailbox so I bought a new one and put a love letter inside along with different packages....choc, massage oil, lotion, candles and lingerie.

I have also made him a large card with a message using candy bars like...I'm glad I found Mr. Good Bar, You give me so much Almond Joy. Love, Your sweetheart

A bakery where I lived had choc chip cookies made with plastic stems and delivered them in a rose box.

I have also seen an idea where you give him a gift for the 5 senses.

Put balloons in the shower with a note that says "hope you feel showered with love" Or put a little message inside each balloon before they are inflated.

Hope this helps!

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answers from St. Louis on

My hubby likes computer stuff but pretty much buys what he I got him some individually wrapped chocolates (so he can take them in his lunch to work), a McDonald's gift card (which is kinda funny to me because it's like giving him money to buy food, am also getting him some massage lotion and then making him dinner on V-Day! If I can find it, I'm going to buy The Hangover DVD which we both loved!

I also had my 2.5 year old daughter decorate a frame and will have her and my 5.5 month old son use paints and put their thumbs together to make hearts along with putting their handprints inside it for his 'card' from them!

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