Valentine Tea Party

Updated on January 31, 2012
M.D. asks from Stockton, CA
7 answers

My daughter has been invited to a valentine tea party ,this is our first time so i am wondering what to bring for the kids (5-6 yr olds) , candies not an option since its very common.
Also for class V party any unique V gifts to the classmates other than the v cards and candies??

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answers from Los Angeles on

For gifts:
pencil eraser toppers
coloring pens
small sketch pads
kid's jewelry
zipper pouches (the kind that go in a binder)

mini scones (iced or not)
heart shaped cookies
mini sliced bread (found in deli section) w/whatever lunch meat is
is approved by the school or parent giving te party
sliced veggies: cucumber, carrots etc



answers from Appleton on

Mini-muffins or cupcakes.
I would go and look at the Dollar Stores in your area and look for pencils that are Valentine themed.



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter and I are making rice crispy treats and will cut them into heart shapes and color them pink. :)



answers from San Francisco on

fruit? I think fruit cabobs are cute.
As for the V gifts, my co-worker found these cool V packets that you hit and then shake. They, explode and a metalic heart shaped balloon pops out. They have them at the Dollar Tree store - 4 for $1. I saw them at Target too but don't know if they're still there. This was in Watsonville.
Good luck


answers from Phoenix on

I agree, valentine pencils or stickers.
You are bringing food to the tea party ? Like a pot luck ? Heart shape muffins are a cute idea or cookie........ or pound cake with strawberries



answers from St. Louis on

check out Family Fun's website! Love their ideas....been using FF for a resource for years now!

I also rely upon Better Homes/Gardens & Martha Stewart.....always, always great ideas!

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