Vaginal Itching in 4 1/2 Year Old . . .

Updated on May 19, 2009
T.M. asks from Trumbull, CT
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My daughter is 4 1/2 years old and has really been itchy in her vaginal area. It drives me crazy when I see her doing it . . . and I'm sure it's driving her crazy. People are starting to notice and have asked me if she has to go to the bathroom. I took her to the doctor a couple of months ago and they checked her out and also took a culture to make sure there wasn't some kind of yeast or bacterial infection . . . and it came back negative. The doctor mentioned that it might be because she's not wiping well. . .but I will watch her most of the time to make sure. She also wears cotton underwear, which I read is what she should be wearing. I'm wondering if it's the soap I use for her baths. I use Aveno Unscented Oatmeal Wash and a Huggies brand for sensitive skin . . . but I'm wondering if I should cut out the soap all together for a while and see if that's causing the problem. Has anyone ever had this issue with their young daughters? What has worked for you? I can't imagine bathing her in just water, I wouldn't feel like she was getting clean. . . especially now with the weather warming up and her running around outside. I've read somewhere online to use baby oil in the bath water instead of soap because it's not irritating. I'm planning on taking her back to the doctor this week just to be on the safe side . . . and to make sure it hasn't turned into something else since her last appoinment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

T. M.

I was wondering if any Moms out there have experienced their daughters itching their vaginal area.

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So What Happened?

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all of you for your responses.

I took my daughter to the doctor the other day and the doctor told me she believed that the irritation was being cause by Labial Adhesion. The doctor perscribed an estrogen cream and told me to apply it to the area for a couple of weeks to see if the area would open. I have never heard of this . . . so I've been doing some research on my own. But from what I've been reading and seeing online . . . it sounds different than what the doctor actually showed me on my daughter. I'm still a little confused . . . I will probably call the doctor's office again to confirm the diagnosis and go from there.

Thanks again.


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Try just putting a capful of baby shampoo in the water.. and then just letting her sit in the tub.. when she gets out of the tub.. dry her real good.. and then put a little diaper rash cream on the vaginal area.. this will help too. My daugther sometimes itches.. and it means that she is a little sore down there sometimes from soap and sometimes from wetness. I used diaper rash cream and it helps.. good luck..



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Listen, my almost five year olds do this too. and it also bothers me and have had them tested and everything came back negative. the thing is, what i suspect is happening, is that they remain not totally dry after going potty, since i notice this not happening after bath. I wipe them too, and same thing. i also use mild shampoos and body washes, so i know it's not that. whatever it is, i hope it goes away on its own
good luck



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sorry to hear about your little girl's pain.., I hope my experience could help you, I'm 40 years old and last year I had a terrible itching in the vaginal area, ALMOST FOR A YEAR! went to several Docs., almost got crazy! finally discovered that I'm allergic to the toilet paper, now I'm using hands paper (sorry I don't speak English very well..) and I'm perfect! then I had itching but this time I discovered quickly, it was the soap (I went back to my old soap) and I'm perfect. Maybe your little girl is having an allergy... hope she will feel better soon!



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I would have her checked at the doctor again for yeast, just to be sure. Check for both yeast and Urinary tract infection.

Try giving her a bath in salt water (couple times a day) helps relieve the itching. About 1/2 cup of salt in the warm water and just let her play for a while.

No bubble bath. No colored toilet paper. No scented toilet paper of soaps.

Could also be your clothes detergents... try Dreft (it's for babies) and no softener or dryer sheets.

I have used hydrocortizone cream myself when I've had some 'issues' in the does help. As long as it's on the 'outside' and not inserted.

If you can't get satisfaction with your doctor...ask to be referred to a urologist. You might have better luck.



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A couple of things I would check.

No scented or perfumed toilet paper.

NO bubble bath.

I would definitely switch soaps - both personal care and laundary. Fabric softners etc... You can view more at and

Also, I would not abandon the yeast thought - she may not have a vaginal yeast infection - but you can get symptoms form a yeast overload in the body. Remove/limit sugar & white flour products. Concentrate on protein and fresh fruits & veggies.

Add a good multivitamin. Here's some videos on my reccomendation.

With the weather warming up do not let her linger in a wet bathing suit - Cotton panties are great to keep that environment dry.




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My granddaughter had this problem when she was only 3 months old. Took her to her pediatrican and he diagonosed her with a "bad diaper rash". It worsened, so I took her to my dermatologist and he nailed it. Eczema compounded by a yeast infection. I also suffer from eczema and it is unbearable itching to the point of bleeding if not diagnosed properly. 2 days ago I was diagnosed with eczema in my ear! Been having ear problems, referred to an ENT Dr. and within 24 hours I started feeling better! Who would have thought!!!I
I suggest taking her to a dermatologist and focus on a skin disorder rather than a "female issue". Eczema can be very sneaky!

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