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Updated on December 05, 2010
N.K. asks from Deerfield, IL
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My vacuum cleaner broke! I've wanted a dyson for years, but it's way too much to spend right now. Does anyone have a suggestion for one that they are happy with? How much did it cost?

I have 2 cats and a 2 1/2 year old who generate a lot of fur, crumbs, mess, etc. I have carpet and hardwood.

Thanks so much!

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So What Happened?

So.... I bought the Dyson. I found an "all-floors" model for $100 off, and I have to say that it is awesome. The suction is amazing.

Thank you all so much for your input!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I love my Dyson. I bought another when I left my marriage, even though it was "too much to spend" right then and I have not regretted it once. Value is different that cost. I feel I get the value from this because I use it so often.

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answers from Dallas on

Keep an eye on the sales. I just picked up my all floors Dyson for for $239. There are some deals out there. I am thrilled with mine at that price. It works wonderfully, my carpets look fabulous. I think if I had paid close to $500 for it, I would have considered it overpriced, My SIL recently researched this and she mentioned that consumer reports was the best starting point, you can pay for just a one month online subscription. I can't remember the brand she mentioned, But I know she found several similar to Dyson, but at a much better price point.

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answers from Boston on

I bought a "shark" at BJs for about $150 and have been very happy with it. It's light at picks up a lot of animal hair (we have two dogs). My one complaint is that the canister has to be emptied a lot because it's small, but I try to remind myself that it's because it's doing a good job picking up all that junk.

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answers from Chicago on

I asked the same question last year. I know it's alot of $$, but the Dyson is so worth it! Especially this time of year, watch the ads - they're on sale a lot, and some stores will offer gift cards when you purchase one. I think Sears had one 1/2 price on black Friday (it was just over $200)

After going thru a vacuum every couple of years, I LOVE my Dyson! It's worth the investment. I've also heard not to get the Animal - it just has some extra attachments.

Good luck and happy holidays!



answers from Chicago on

I have 2 friends who have Dyson - one has dogs that shed a LOT and the other person has no pets. They both hate their Dyson vacuums. They don't work well, clog a lot and do not do well on pet hair.

I have a dog that sheds and we have a Sears vacuum - it has lights that tell me when the floor is still dirty and when it is clean. My lights go from red to orange to green. It cost about $225. I love it and would buy it again.

M. in IL



answers from Jacksonville on

I thought the same thing about the Dyson's but I finally broke down and got the DC07 and it's worth every penny!!!! I have 2 kids and 2 cats and it does a great job on sucking up stuff!! Sometimes too good really! lol I have bought some extra attachments like the soft dusting brush which is great on mini blinds and other things and the low floor attachment to do my tile/linoleum floor because the head of the dyson it's self is too tall to fit under my cabinets. So I do wish I would have researched the attachments better that come with the different models because the price will balance out in the long run. I've noticed the water from my hoover shampooer isn't as dirty as it used to be when I do the traffic areas and we just recently moved and my carpet was vacuumed and shampooed by a clean company but I'm still sucking white pet hair out of the carpet and my cats aren't white!!

Remember the Dyson also comes with a 5yr warranty and I've had to have the flex hose replaced on mine recently after owning it for 2yrs. I called and told them it was tore and they replaced it no questions asked. I called on a Monday and had the replacement by Friday!

See if you can find someplace where you can put it on layaway or ask for gift cards for Christmas to put towards a new one! Just don't get a refurbished on cause IMO they aren't much cheaper than a new one and you only get a 6 month warranty on them!!

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

You might as well just get the Dyson, you can use a 20% off coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond. That's what I did.



answers from Chicago on

I have had a Hoover Wind Tunnel for 15 years and it still works great!


answers from St. Louis on

Hi! I bought a Dyson last year when I broke my old vaccuum, I got the cord stuck under my car tire and pulled it too hard, broke it. :(
I do like my Dyson, but it is probably the equivelant to my old vaccum which was an Infinity, and half the price of the Dyson. If I would have known they both worked just as good, I would have saved some money and got another Infinity.
The Infinity at Bed Bath and Beyond was priced at $200, but I was able to use a 20% off coupon and got it for $140.



answers from Sacramento on

I just researched vacuums when ours died. Ended up with a Bissell Momentum Cyclonic. Check out the reviews online. This vacuum had by far the best I could find ... even better than Dyson and at a fraction of the cost. We've had ours about six months now and love it! It's amazing how much dirt it picks up.



answers from Chicago on

i recently got a dyson for $260 (DC17) from abt and like it. you haven't mentioned your budget- that would help. i like the recommendation of going to an actual vacuum store- a lot of comparison there and they can work within your budget.

i tested my new dyson against my older $150+ hoover. the dyson picked up more than my old hoover so that was nice. it's great but it's not like out of this world amazing. i am impressed with the suction but i think it's more of a "cool thing to have' since there are many other good quality vacuums out there. i couldn't imagine spending $400+ for a vacuum.

good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I know the dyson is expensive, but it's worth every penny! We have a basic yellow dyson (dog and a 2 1/2 year old) and it works great! We've had other bagless vacs and after the first 6 months or so, they seemed to stop working well. Our dyson has been going strong for nearly 4 years!



answers from Glens Falls on

I'm a Dyson lover. Although I acknowledge that they are clunky and difficult to use the attachments, they are so good for pet hair - and mine is 10 years old now! A friend of mine with allergies says my house is just like a no pet house to her and I have 3 animals. My second favorite, which used to be my favorite, is my Oreck. It is so lightweight and easy to to handle and the pick up is good too, not as good as the Dyson, but still good and I think it's durable (it's 15 years old) and much less expensive than Dyson. The thing I have found with other vacuums is they don't last if you try to go too cheap. I'd almost rather have a good vaccum off Craigslist than a cheap vacuum. You can find people selling used Dysons - because they got a newer model or because they don't like how heavy and clunky it is.



answers from Dayton on

I have an oreck and love it! They have different models, so the prices differ. They are worth every penny .



answers from Denver on

Get thee to a REAL vacuum store. Not Wal-Mart, BBB or Target. They will compare brands, styles and prices with you. I had a Eureka Mighty Lite for almost 10 years and it was fab-u-lous. I just bought a Riccar for $250 and it sucks better than the Dysons they carry. Yes, they have cat hair, crumbs, shoelaces and things they spread out on the floor for you to compare how sucky the vacuums are. Riccar, Miele and Eurekas all beat the pants off a Dyson and are lighter and, with the Riccar, cheaper. The warranty is longer too. GL!!


answers from Albany on

Like I've told everyone else, Holy Cow I LOOOOVE my Dyson! Completely worth every penny! I bought it on was about $350 for the higher end ball model.

My only regret is not having bought it sooner.
(I have two Golden Retrievers and 3 teenagers and laminate, hardwood, tile, carpet, and area rugs, and it is fantastic on ALL of them. And SOOOO easy to empty!)



answers from Dallas on

I was in the same situation about a year ago and I make the jump and bought the Dyson on sale at Sears. I don't regret it at all. I have a long hair dog that sheds constantly and it really picks up her hair. I wish she would stand still and just let me vacuum her. Ha!



answers from Milwaukee on

To be honest I have used two different Dyson's and wasn't really impressed with either one. They seem like they are just too plastic and are hard to use with the attachments. The hose is pretty short. :(

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